September Meeting

You might have noticed that the 2013 September meeting has not been set up yet.  That’s because I have started a part-time job and am waiting to find out what my work schedule will be.  I do know that I will be working week-ends.

This means that I wont be as available as I have been for the last four years during my stint as the Madison Area Lyme Support Group Leader.  As I look for a possible new leader to transition the website and meeting duties to, I’m expecting that there will be some months that there wont be a meeting.

I ask that people practice patience and understanding during this transition.

This is hard for me on many levels.  Although I am very excited that I am well enough to explore part-time work, I am also sad to have to alter my role as a support group leader.  I do not want anyone to fall through the cracks and not find the support that they need.  It is important that people find others that can relate to their own struggles and who can help guide them to finding a Lyme Literate doctor.

Fortunately there are some great online resources that will help people find some personal support.  Many are listed on the right hand side of this page.  I urge you to take full advantage of them.

Please know that you aren’t alone and that recovery and remission is possible.  It sometimes is  a very long journey (it took 4 years so far for me). For many people it’s because they weren’t treated right away or treated long enough.  Unfortunately this happens all too often and that’s why support groups are so important.

Wisconsin Lyme Network

Wisconsin Lyme Network is a statewide non-profit.  It’s a great resource that lists support groups around the state, both online and face to face.  Click on this hyper link to go to their website: Or you can contact them directly using this email address to ask them questions (including doctor recommendations).

Wisconsin Online Support Board

Contact: Mike Nickel
Please e-mail to to receive information on monthly support meetings throughout the state and other help.

Wisconsin / Illinois Lyme Facebook Group page

This Facebook group is a great way to connect to others who are suffering from Lyme Disease and other tick borne diseases.  Here’s the link to the group.