Science is Retiring in December.

Scientists around the world are scrambling to figure out what to do with their lives, since Science itself will be retiring in December, 2022

Science, who has been running the NIAID and who has been serving on President Biden’s COVID-19 task force, has announced (for the second time) that it will be resigning and moving on to new ventures.

Since Science will be retiring, millions of Scientists around the world are now scrambling to figure how they will be making a living.

Some have speculated (against decree) that it’s really just Dr. Anthony Fauci retiring, not Science itself. Others are baffled by such claims, and believe this is just misinformation.

To make matters worse, mainstream media have used the term “Dr. Anthony Fauci” in a manner inconsistent with him being Science incarnate – leaving the public puzzled.  (See link for article)


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Fauci Could Become More Dangerous & Powerful in “Retirement”

Kim Iverson explains that Fauci knows an investigation is forthcoming so he’s hitting the road.  She also explains how he could do more damage and be more powerful in retirement.  Video Here (Approx. 4 Min)

Tucker: Fauci ‘Engineered the Single Most Devastating Event in American History,’ Retires as a Hero

CARLSON: “… it’s not Fauci who has been damaged by this kind of behavior serially over the years. It’s anyone who criticized him. The Biden Administration arrested one of Tony Fauci’s top critics, Peter Navarro.”  (See news video in link above)


There are now calls from politicians and media personalities for Fauci to be investigated and jailed.  One senator has demanded that HHS preserve all records related to Fauci and Collins.  Another senator has asked the acting director of the NIH to preserve all documents and communications within Fauci’s possession relating to his tenure at NIH.

Daily Wire host, Michael Knowles, an outspoken critic of Fauci, states that Fauci’s tenure has pocketed the most money out of any other federal employee, yet his record is “one of absolute failure.”

“Deception, intentional lies, incompetence, screw-ups going all the way back to AIDS — all the way up through the 90s — especially right after the war on terror,” Knowles said.

Why Fauci Won’t Be Missed

Good riddance to bad science

and • August 22, 2022 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, 81, is finally stepping down. The chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden said Monday he will be “moving on” from his career in medical bureaucracy but is “not retiring in the classic sense.” He will formally exit the Biden administration at the end of the year, after which the liberal sex symbol said he plans to “devote himself to traveling, writing and encouraging young people to enter government service.”

The good doctor will not be missed. Fauci is leaving at a time when public trust in the medical bureaucracy is at an all-time low. His so-called leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to a cult of freaks who cheered as children suffered due to prolonged school closures. Fauci and his fellow health “experts” gave widely inconsistent advice throughout the pandemic while accusing their critics of being “anti-science.”  (See link for article)



Yet, despite all the horrific things this man has done and gotten away with, many in the public worship the ground he walks upon, and are even writing children’s books about him.  Others; however, are selling merch far closer to the truth.  The question we are all asking is will he be held accountable for his actions?  I’m not holding my breath.

Head of NIAID for 7 presidencies, he’s been at the helm of every ‘pandemic’ that wasn’t:
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