“Tick Week” news coverage from Maine TV station

July 11-15 was “Tick Week” at News Center Maine, an NBC-affiliated TV station in Portland, Maine.

Reporter Vivian Leigh filed daily stories related to such topics as Pfizer’s Lyme disease vaccine, a proposed preventative shot for Lyme, a Maine family’s challenges dealing with Lyme-related PANS, and how winter ticks are causing the demise of many moose in the state.

Monday, July 11:

Two vaccines against Lyme inch closer to reality

Tuesday, July 12:

Preventative shot against Lyme could hit the market in 2024

Wednesday, July 13

‘It was like my child disappeared’: Tick bite triggers PANS in 7-year-old girl

Thursday, July 14

Winter ticks are a growing threat to moose calves in Maine

Friday, July 15

“We are getting a positive Lyme test every day”: Maine experts see spike in dog infections
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