31 Weeks to Protect Freedom in the United States

IPAK-EDU is partnering with CloutHub and will focus on Scientific Freedom and Freedom in Education

If you have never heard of, you will. When GoFundMe and the government of Canada conspired to steal funds donated to Canadian Truckers, Jeff Brain of CloutHub created a new, secure platform for crowdsource funding.

Better yet, Jeff and a few close associates have decided to take a highly proactive approach to terminate the erosion of individual rights and freedom in the United States. They have decided to conduct a major raise to defend freedom. In doing so, they chose a handful of carefully selected organizations (“pillars”) to receive an equal portion of their $100M goal.

IPAK-EDU has been selected as one of those pillars.

Our charter is to work to promote Freedom in Science and Freedom in Education.

This is very real; the contracts are signed, and fundraising is underway. I won’t go into great detail on what strategies and tactics we will be taking, but be assured, they will be measured and we will be aiming for lasting, hopefully permanent, impact. I can tell you this: per the contract, this initiative is NOT political. We expect that support will begin flowing into IPAK-EDU next month. We all collectively have 31 months to do as much to support Jeff’s raise as possible. His goal is $100M; we expect to receive 1/4 of that.

The link to the initiative is

There you’ll see supporting quotes from Dr. Peter McCullough, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., yours truly, and others.

Please consider supporting this cause – and please consider using for your own crowdsource campaigns.

Yours in Science and Education,

-James Lyons-Weiler, PhD



Lyme/MSIDS patients are already stretched financially, but often wonder what they can do with the pennies they have left over.  Protecting freedom in Science and Education is one such worthy place to put those pennies.  For far too long our corrupt government has used sick patients to fund their own manipulated, biased research, which has only served to hurt patients.  Time for change.  Time to put money toward scientific honesty and transparency, and time to hold corrupt public health ‘authorities’ accountable.  They have lined their pockets for far too long on our dime.

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