25+ Human Rights Group Oppose Zoom’s Planned A.I. Tech “that can scan users’ faces and speed to determine their emotions”

By B.N. Frank

Lawsuits have been filed against Zoom for proven privacy and security issues associated with its teleconferencing technology.  So far the company has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to settle (see 1, 2).  Nevertheless, the company is developing new Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technology to scan users’ faces to determine their emotions.

From Tech Times:

Zoom Starts Developing New AI Technology, Upsets Human Rights Groups

April Fowell, Tech Times

Last month, it is reported that Zoom will develop a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can scan users’ faces and speed to determine their emotions. Now, the platform is in its early stages of development and is now receiving some backlash from several human rights groups, such as Access Now, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the Muslim Justice League.

Over 25 rights groups sent a letter to Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan, on Wednesday to halt the company’s further research into emotion-based AI.  (See link for article)



And this, right here, is why I’m not a fan of Lyme/MSIDS support group meetings (or any meetings) via ZOOM.  I’m done with ZOOM.

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Please also see this article for the widespread surveillance currently under consideration by the Biden Administration, the WHO, and others.

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