2022 Mycotoxin And Chronic Illness Summit

Join hosts Eric Gordon, MD, Nafysa Parpia, ND, Christine Schaffner, ND, and Dr. Jamie Kunkle for the 2022 Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit which will take place April 19-26, 2022.
You will discover how mycotoxins may be the hidden cause of your chronic illness…and how to heal and reverse their devastating health effects.
Learn From 40+ World-Leading Experts including:
  • Paul Anderson, ND
  • Isaac Eliaz, MD
  • Jill Carnahan, MD
  • Jill Crista, ND
  • Frank Shallenberger, MD
  • Lauren Tessier, ND
  • Lyn Patrick, ND
  • Steven Harris, MD
  • Felix Scholz, PhD
  • Mark Pimentel, MD
  • Beth O’Hara, FN
  • Michael Schrantz
  • Matt Pratt-Hyatt, PhD
  • Amanda Wilms, ND
  • Mark Su, MD
  • Mary Ackerley, MD
  • Kelly McCann, MD
  • Kent Holtorf, MD
  • Chris Shade, PhD
  • Brian Plante, ND
  • John Lieurance, DC
  • Nicolas Pineault
  • Kiran Krishan
  • Todd Watts, DC
  • Andreanna Rainville, RN
  • Tom Moorcroft, DO
  • Dave Asprey
and more…
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