Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Convicted of Fraud

After a week of deliberation, a jury returned a guilty verdict on four charges related to wire fraud, each of which carries a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison.
Amanda Heidt
Jan 4, 2022

Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of the blood testing company Theranos, was found guilty yesterday (January 3) of fraud, the latest development in a headline-grabbing saga that has spanned nearly two decades and been the subject of a book, a podcast, and a documentary. Her trial, held over almost four months in San Jose, California, was seen as a referendum on Silicon Valley’s “fake it till you make it” ethos, as prosecutors alleged that Holmes solicited almost $1 billion from investors by touting a device that never lived up to the company’s claims. 

Of the 11 charges Holmes was facing at trial, she was found guilty of four: three counts of wire fraud and one of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. (See link for article)



  • Holmes was given legitimacy and leverage to solicit capital due to a packed board of powerful figures including former secretaries of defense, former secretaries of state, and a former director for the CDC.
  • The device, first named the Edison but later called the miniLab, was touted as being able to run hundreds of tests on-site at each Walgreens location, but could in fact run only a few which often gave poor results.
  • Researchers and technicians testified of lax safety protocols including the mishandling of blood products.

PCR COVID-19 False Positives Will Continue in 2022 – Unless We Act Now

No, CDC Has Not Abandoned PCR Tests. What You Can Do About It

, 2022

CDC’s new advice for COVID-19 testing is “keep testing for Omicron if you’re negative”. And in spite of rumors, that still includes PCR testing.

This will come as a shock to people who thought CDC was abandoning PCR testing altogether. A careful read of communications from CDC, however, told me that CDC was only abandoning their own specific PCR test kit.

Now that Fauci has admitted that many children are hospitalized with COVID instead of from COVID, the public must understand that the same has been true all along with PCR testing in adults, too – not just for hospitalization, but also total numbers of cases and deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Now, the brainiacs at CDC say that if you’re sick, test “for Omicron” with antigen tests (that are not specific for Omicron SARS-CoV-2), and, if necessary, get a PCR test done. (See article at

This means PCR-based false positives will continue.

Still Hiding Ct Values

The general public is still not allowed to know a critical datapoint for their own PCR tests. Even if hospitalized, doctors deny patients and their families of the cycle threshold. Are Ct threshold values in use still different for the vaccinated and unvaccinated, leading to larger numbers of cases and deaths in the vaccinated? No evidence suggests otherwise. Are Ct threshold values in use still as high as 35? 40? Thresholds this high, according to my colleague Dr. Sin Han Lee, will lead to as high as 90% false positives (the percentage of PCR positive cases that don’t have anything to do with COVID-19).

We have reviewed this problem is podcasts, in peer-reviewed literature, in testimony in court-cases.

Yet the juggernaut continues.

In 2021, Dr. Lee and I and other colleagues created the NAATEC Consortium to sequence clinical samples to determine precisely how many PCR-positive cases might not have SAR-CoV-2 virus at all. Dr. Lee’s laboratory is located in Millford, CT. Our research has IRB approval (Institutional Review Board approval). That’s a huge accomplishment!

IPAK has received a proposal from Dr. Lee to conduct a study on 100-200 patients. Dr. Lee says,

“Right now these quick antigen home-tests are producing an unknown numbers of false positives and false negatives. It is a chaos. I know there are non-Covid viruses circulating, but they are probably all labeled as Covid or Omicron.

We need 100-200 well documented real-life cases, which have been tested positive by RT-qPCR, for publication. Every case must be supported by Sanger sequencing.”

What he means is that every diagnosis of COVID-19 should be confirmed via examination of the nucleotide sequence of the virus. Not the entire genome, just enough to know what has been amplified by the PCR machine.

Patients deserve an accurate diagnosis. And this is not a competitive move by Dr. Lee to own mass testing: every hospital can do their own Sanger sequencing.

Our Goal

We need $150,000 for this study. We tried in 2021, but only could reach 10% of our funding goal. This is where you can help.

Please help us end the tyranny of the false positive diagnoses that led to lockdowns, lost jobs, permanent business closures, and misdiagnoses of other respiratory ailments by visiting The NAATEC Consortium web page and making a one-time donation.

We’re hoping my substack community will be the answer. If everyone pitched in $20 right now, we’ll be able to start sequencing in 2022 – and shut down the madness that has been ruling our lives for two years.

If you can’t donate, perhaps you could pitch in for the general operations at IPAK via a small monthly donation to IPAK? Either way, please share this article with everyone via social media!

The truth shall set you free.

Fund objective research in 2022!



I’ve posted numerous articles about Dr. Sin Hang Lee who has been outspoken about faulty testing and lack of vaccine safety.  Similarly to Lyme/MSIDS, the only way we will move forward is to fund projects like these where independent research is done that isn’t funded by Big Pharma or the government.

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