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Best Tests & Laboratory for Lyme & Coinfections

In the video in the top link and in the following article I discuss why IGenex offers the best tests for Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia and Anaplasma versus other lab systems. IGenex has a variety of tests that it offers for each tick-borne infection. I take the guesswork out of determining which IGenex test is best – I tell you which test to get for each infection.

Watch why I prefer IGenex testing over Galaxy Labs, Vibrant Labs and DNA Connexions. In addition to what I describe in the video, I also prefer IGenex antibody tests over T cell activation tests, also called elispot tests, offered by Infectolab, Armin labs, and IGenex. T cell tests are not as accurate at finding tick borne infections as the IGenex testing techniques I recommend in the video.


Watch the video in the top link for a detailed list and test codes for the IGenex tests I recommend.

IGenex Tests I Recommend

In the video I recommend the following specific IGenex tests.

Lyme (Borrelia)

  • IGM and IGG Immunoblot – Test Code 325 and 335


  • IGM and IGG Immunoblot – Test Code 374 and 384


  • B. microti IgM & IgG IFA – Test Code 200
  • B. duncani IgM & IGG IFA – Test Code 720
  • Babesia FISH – Test Code 640


  • HME (Ehrlichia chaffeensis) IgM & IgG IFA – Test Code 203


  • HGA (Anaplasma phagocytophilum) IgM & IgG IFA – Test Code 206

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About the Author

Marty Ross, MD is a passionate Lyme disease educator and clinical expert. He helps Lyme sufferers and their physicians see what really works based on his review of the science and extensive real-world experience. Dr. Ross is licensed to practice medicine in Washington State (License: MD00033296) where he has treated thousands of Lyme disease patients in his Seattle practice. 

Marty Ross, MD is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine and Georgetown University Family Medicine Residency. He is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

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