Open letter to Governors and Congressmen in Lyme endemic areas

Carl Tuttle

Hudson, NH, United States

Sep 9, 2021 — 

Please see the latest email below sent to the Chair of the NH Lyme Disease Study Commission…

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To: Leah Cushman <>, Jerry Knirk
Cc: All members of the NH Lyme Disease Study Commission
Date: 09/08/2021 9:10 AM
Subject: Dr. Paul H. Duray Pathology Fellowship; Open letter to  Governors and Congressmen in Lyme endemic areas

To Members of the Lyme Disease Study Commission,Autopsy results are painting an entirely different picture of disease from what our public health officials have been propagating; “hard to catch and easily treated”

This deception, (for the sake of a vaccine) has caused untold pain and suffering as persistent infection after extensive antibiotic treatment has been denied for three decades. A chronic relapsing seronegative disease did not fit the vaccine model.

Please see the following Open Letter from Tom Grier, Pathology Study Coordinator from the Dr. Paul H. Duray Pathology Fellowship:

A copy of this letter can be downloaded from my personal Dropbox storage area:


Dr. Paul H. Duray Pathology Fellowship
Thomas M. Grier MS (Pathology Study Coordinator)
902 Grand View Ave
Duluth MN 55812-1146

Open letter to  Governors and Congressmen in Lyme endemic areas

Why Lyme disease is so confusing, and what the medical experts got wrong

  • Today’s medical perspective of Lyme disease is entirely based on serology (blood tests) and not pathology. (*Pathology includes brain and heart autopsies, culturing, and tissue staining – see photo section.)
  • Lyme disease (LD) blood-tests are fundamentally flawed. *(explanation follows)
  • The authorities that support current diagnostic and treatment guidelines for Lyme disease often have financial conflicts of interests.
  • Since 1975, many so called “FACTS” about Lyme disease have been proven wrong, but medical institutions won’t ever admit their mistakes.
Untrue facts that the public and doctors were told by the IDSA, CDC, NIH, Yale, Harvard, SUNY, and Mayo Clinic that were never true and proven wrong by many studies, and never publicly corrected.
  • Only one tick species (Ixodes damminii) transmits Lyme disease
  • Lyme disease does not cross from infected mother to fetus
  • Lyme disease is not an intracellular disease (can invade inside human cells)
  • Lyme disease stays in the blood and does not enter the human brain.
  • The Lyme disease ELISA tests ate 99% accurate
  • Lyme disease does not persist after 28 days of antibiotic treatment
  • Lyme disease is mainly and arthritic disease
  • Lyme disease is mainly found in the NE USA
  • Lymerix Lyme vaccine had no side effects and was pulled because of anti-vax hysteria.

All these so called “Lyme-Facts” are wrong. They were never true. These published  untruths are a result of major medical institutions relying almost entirely on their own Lyme-Disease-Blood-Tests to determine both diagnosis, and successful treatment. Our own medical experts have continually ignored  overwhelming pathology evidence that proves their assumptions and observations about Lyme have been fundamentally flawed. Their reputations mean more than patient’s lives!

What’s wrong with the Lyme disease blood Tests?

The LD tests that we have used for 35 years are made with B-31 lab-strain of Borrelia burgdorferi . B-31 Lab-strain is not found in ticks, humans or animal reservoirs. It is a manmade analog of a strain found in nature stripped of two chromosomes. The proteins expressed on B-31 Lab Strain Borrelia, never change in culture. In nature these bacterial surface proteins that our immune system attack are constantly changing. B-31 Lab Strain is a cheap way to make consistently bad Lyme-disease blood-tests.

In independent comparison testing: B-31 tests, overall even under the best conditions, are  only 50 % accurate: So, Lyme disease testing has always been like  flipping a coin.

To be blunt, the LD blood-tests using B-31 strain are flawed by design.

  • LD blood tests at best, can only detect one species of Lyme (There are 11 pathogenic species) The blood tests only detect the first isolate of Lyme disease from 1982. The original isolate is a Genus-species we named Borrelia burgdorferi. But since 1982 we have discovered a dozen new Borrelia species that cause human disease. (*See partial table)

Borreilia burgdorferi lato species table

-The Deer-Ticks also carry Borrelia myamotoi , a Tick-Born Relapsing Fever (TBRFs) that is transmitted from the Deer-Tick in just 20 minutes. So, continuing to tell patients that a deer-tick must be attached for 24-48 hours is irresponsible

Borrelia myamotoi has an affinity for the human brain. The Borrelia myamotoi pathogen is a serious threat in the America.  It is carried by the same ticks as Lyme disease, it has the ability to enter the human brain undetected until brain autopsies are performed. Lyme disease blood tests cannot detect this species of Borrelia.

(See the Borrelia  myamotoi biofilms found embedded in Alzheimer’s amyloid plaques)

-Borrelia species including burgdorferi and B. myamotoi penetrate blood vessels quickly and easily. They are highly motile so within hours of a tick bite, the bacteria can enter any human organ, including the brain and the heart.

Once the Lyme spirochete has entered a blood vessel wall, an organ or has gone inside a human cell: it is harder to detect.

Our tax-dollars pays for the creation of CDC Lyme-disease blood tests. These tests are patented, but the patents are put in the names of CDC officers.

I will show that these tests were never better than 50 % accurate.

The CDC is now funding a new group of Lyme tests. I am asking: Who will own those fresh patents?

Borrelia spirochetes inside hippocampal neurons in Alzheimer’s disease

Please stop listening to the Lyme disease experts that misled us since 1975 and start looking at the pathology evidence that proves them wrong.

  • Request human brain pathology studies without CDC or previously mentioned institutions involvement.
  • Create an independent panel of researchers to review the accuracy of Lyme disease IDSA facts
  • Allow doctors to treat beyond the IDSA guideline without harassment or loss of their medical license.
  • Support the investigation to look into the weaponization of Ticks and Tick-Borne-Diseases

Thank You,

100+ References and 100+ Photos available proving persistence post antibiotic treatment.


Thomas M. Grier
(Director of pathology studies at the Dr. Paul H. Duray Pathology Fellowship)

Brain Autopsy Neuroborreliosis Patient from MN



“Pathology is a branch of medical science that involves the study and diagnosis of disease through the examination of surgically removed organs, tissues (biopsy samples), bodily fluids, and in some cases the whole body (autopsy).”

Carl Tuttle
Hudson, NH

-Pistis LLC, Hired by HHS
-Bennett Nemser, Senior Program Officer, the Cohen Lyme and Tickborne Disease Initiative
-Holiday Goodreau and Linden Hu, M.D. Co-chairs of the Tick-borne Disease Working Group
-Governor Chris Sununu

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