For the past three years, Loudoun County’s volleyball team has had a tradition in which players assume call signs that represent their personality or story. Each player’s navy blue warmup shirt has that word scrawled on the back.

For senior Ella Solomon, Coach John Senchak chose the phoenix — a mythological bird known for ascending from its ashes. It is fitting, given Solomon’s journey from being bedridden with chronic Lyme disease to becoming a key contributor for the Captains.

“She’s our motivation to keep going because of what she’s been through,” senior teammate Alicia McCandless said.

Neither Solomon nor her parents recall a particular moment she started to feel sick or remember seeing a tick, which causes Lyme disease. But the symptoms certainly presented.

Solomon had nagging headaches daily for more than six years, prompting her parents to go to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore for answers. When Solomon received Lyme tests from doctors, the results were negative.

“The tests aren’t super accurate,” said her mother, Regina. “It may not be in your bloodwork at the moment, but it is still in your body.” (See link for article)



Keep fighting – there is hope!