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The video shows a current cartoon being peddled to children on how great vaccines are – while taking jabs at “anti-vaxxers”, followed by Seema Yasmin, a doctor and medical journalist announcing that the COVID injection hasn’t caused any deaths.  To read more on the severe reactions and deaths.

Please remember, there are no animals studies using these injections.  Those currently receiving the COVID injection are participating in an ongoing vaccine trial.

Regarding Ms. Yasmin – she is paid by WHO to debunk “COVID myths.”

Recently I posted a bill being considered in the District of Columbia allowing minors to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent.  Unfortunately, this bill passed.  This is very concerning for all parents, but particularly for parents with children infected with Lyme/MSIDS.  

  • The bill prohibits doctors from including any mention of inoculation in the child’s medical record 
  • The child’s own physician may also have no idea the shot has been given
  • It prohibits the child’s school from any mention of it in any record the parents might see
  • It prohibits insurance companies from issuing an Explanation of Benefits telling the parent that the shot was paid for

Starting last week, it is now conceivable for any children 11 years or older in the district to have vaccinations neither their parents nor their doctor knows anything about.

I predict this will be a trend attempted in each state.  Hopefully it is clear that not only does this bill encroach on Parental Rights, but ultimately harms children who are not equipped to make these decisions alone.  

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