Part 2: Post Treatment Lyme Disease and Insurance Coverage

Post Treatment Lyme Disease and Insurance Coverage: PART 2/3

Very few Lyme patients appear to know that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare is written to give you health insurance coverage for persistent Lyme and all its complications. Learn about ACA’s legislative language that protects your access to care in this video interview organized by Kristina Petterson Bauer, the Director of Texas Lyme Alliance. This is Part 2 of three videos on the topics of ACA coverage for persistent Lyme and complications, the medical fraud of Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), the new Lyme medical codes in the ICD11, and government accountability regarding the Lyme epidemic. This interview discusses the relationship between the Affordable Care Act/ACA and Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome/PTLDS for Lyme patients’ access to covered care with insurance companies. Lyme patients used to have covered care into the mid-1990s.

Our discussion explores what that was, how we lost it, and why. Watch the next video (loading soon) for the complete picture and what we can do to improve access to covered care and treatments that work. Like our content by clicking the like button here, and subscribe to our channel. To support our work and visit both our Lyme related websites, go to… to learn more and make donations.


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