“I’m better than I’ve been in a long time,” Yolanda Hadid tells PEOPLE
By Charlotte Triggs and Maria Pasquini

March 02, 2021 10:00 AM

“But as I’ve learned, there is no cure for chronic Lyme disease,” Hadid, 57, adds of the tick-borne infection, which her children Bella and Anwar have as wellBeing in remission is an everyday blessing, and I pinch myself every morning.”

As Hadid moves into her “next chapter,” she’s putting an emphasis on her emotional wellbeing, which has a big impact on her health.  (See link for article)

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For some reason “cycling” is a well-kept secret – but shouldn’t be.  Since Lyme is a relapsing illness in nature, it only makes sense logically that people are going to have relapses after going off treatment.  While alarming when it happens, remind yourself that is pretty normal based on the organism and decades of patient experience.  If you haven’t seen Dr. Burrascano’s video on this, please do, it will calm your fears and show you there’s actually a treatment methodology utilizing this fact called “cycling”:

Within this link I highlight the video and point out other important issues/topics to understand why research on this hasn’t budged in over 40 years:

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