Dec. 22, 2020


Max Fierek tested positive for Lyme disease when he was nine years old, since then he has fought fatigue, lung capacity, muscle fatigue, short term memory loss and mood swings. For Max, living with Lyme disease for half his life has taught him empathy for others and to cherish his time outside in nature which helps him stay positive and fight for his love of mountain biking.

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness caused by the bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi. If Lyme disease isn’t treated promptly or effectively symptoms can last weeks, months or even years after the tick bite.

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Key quotes:

I hate hiding behind excuses so dealing with Lyme’s is something I have mostly kept to myself except for a few close friends and family, I have been treated on and off but it was always difficult for me because I was a kid and had the personal myth of being unstoppable and when I took the antibiotics they usually made me feel worse which then affected my ability to race.

What’s Next? Well as of writing this post I am for the first time in years actually genuinely starting to feel better, I have been lucky enough to work with a Lyme’s Specialist in Wisconsin who has helped to make sure that I am taking not only the right antibiotics but also supplements and vitamins to keep my body happy.

And these quotes buttress what I recently wrote here about how treating for this makes you feel worse before you feel better as well as the fact it takes the “right” antibiotics (antimicrobials) at the “right” dosage and often other supportive things like supplements and vitamins as this monster can affect every single organ in the human body.  Please see:

All I could think when I watched this video is the grace and seeming effortlessness Max has when riding his bike and how I, on the other hand, saw myself face down in the dirt!  

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