Putting Lyme Disease on the Map

BC says the debilitating disease isn’t a risk in much of the province. Advocates say that’s a myth and it’s putting people at risk.
Amanda Follett Hosgood 31 Aug 2020 |

On the BC Centre for Disease Control’s website, a map shows where Lyme disease exists in the province. It highlights isolated areas in the south, mostly focused around Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, extending as far north as Clearwater. In the north, there are pockets of “potential” around Williams Lake and in coastal areas.*

But the map, dated 2019, leaves vast swaths unmarked and the impression that Lyme disease is not a risk from tick bites in most of the province.** As a result, it can be hard to get your doctor to listen if you have Lyme symptoms and even harder to get a conclusive diagnosis.

Officially, Lyme, spread by bites from infected ticks, has only been positively diagnosed a handful of times in the northern three-quarters of the province.*** But some experts say that’s because its myriad symptoms — everything from joint pain to facial paralysis — are often misdiagnosed as illnesses like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and early dementia. (See link for article)



Great article highlighting how tick maps have only served to hurt patients for over 40 years.  It is high time researchers and doctors understand the limitations of these maps and while interesting, should NEVER be used to diagnose patients.  

But Muhammad Morshed, a clinical microbiologist with the BCCDC, says private labs are notorious for inaccurate results, with false positives reported up to 50 per cent of the time.

This belief is a HUGE problem.  The CDC used to have a blurb right on their website calling CLIA-certified labs “home-brewed.”  From the top down, our public health ‘authorities’, which by the way own patients on Lyme tests, are educating doctors that these smaller specialty labs, which have to jump through the toughest lab standards on the planet to be certified, are substandard.  Please see:

As to ticks – the idea they only exist in certain areas needs to die.  Perhaps that used to be the case, but migrating birds and rodents are taking them everywhere.  Not to mention :

Not to mention ticks have been dropped from airplanes:

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