Tripura: 3-Day-Old Dies After Nurse Inserts Nasal Swab For COVID Test, Family Alleges Negligence

Soon after the cotton swabs were inserted, the infant started bleeding from the nose.

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Tripura   |   16 Aug 2020

Writer : Sumanti Sen | Editor : Prateek Gautam | Creatives : Abhishek M

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A three-day-old baby died in a government hospital in Tripura’s Agartala on Wednesday, August 12, allegedly after a nurse inserted a nasal swab to take samples for its COVID-19 test. (See link for article)



This is the second case I’ve posted on the dangers of the COVID swab.  The first is here:

In the toddler’s case, bleeding from the nose wouldn’t stop, and death occurred on the same day.

While the first case involved an undiagnosed skull defect, and the second also cannot be proven conclusively to be caused by the swab, they  should serve as reminders that tests are not without risk and those risks need to be weighed.  

I find it interesting that public ‘authorities,’ insist that people obtain, at all costs, vaccines and tests that they have financial interests in and turn a blind eye to risks – despite these things causing severe injury or death, but downplay, ignore, and actually sabotage patients by denying treatment to the thousands upon thousands who suffer due to the complex infection(s).  Their bias couldn’t be more glaring.

Also, please remember that ALL the COVID-19 testing, as well as the approved testing for Lyme is abysmal and worthless: