Woman gets Lyme disease diagnosis after 13-year battle, as number of cases rises

37-year-old from Lepreau just received positive diagnosis after becoming infected in 2007
The photo on the left shows what Amanda Kenny looked like before Lyme disease began attacking her body. The photo on the right shows after 13 years with Lyme disease. (Submitted by Amanda Kenny)

Amanda Kenny says she lived a regular life 13 years ago.

Kenny, from the Charlotte County community of Lepreau, was studying esthetics at Majestany Institute and taking care of her daughter.

“Everything was great. I was doing normal 24-year-old things, and then all of a sudden I woke up one morning and that was gone.”

Kenny, now 37 and a mother of two, has had more than a decade-long struggle with Lyme disease, a diagnosis she only received last month.

“The doctor … said to me, ‘I have never seen anyone or treated anyone with such a severe case of Lyme disease as you have.’ He did tell me that he didn’t believe he could help me.” (See link for story)



Take this same story and multiply it by thousands and thousands who are going undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. This is playing out in every state and every country in the world.

Lyme/MSIDS is the ‘wall flower’ pandemic nobody wants to do anything about because it just isn’t a good money-maker like COVID.