Lyme Disease: The Slow, Subtle Knockdown

Bridget Hylak

Jun 25, 2020 

Early symptoms of Lyme and tick-borne illness should not be ignored

It started innocently enough — maybe I had the flu, maybe all the joint pain was age-related, maybe the drenched bed sheets, the severe hot and cold flashes were menopause.

My life was busy, my kids were in high school, I work full time in public and on a computer, and I had a lot to do.

So I put it off.

Then, the more insidious symptoms started. Anxiety, panic attacks, food allergies…. (See link for article)



Unfortunately, this story is played out by thousands of patients. They notice symptoms but put them off until they become undeniable and unbearable.

Everyone knows that prompt treatment is key – yet we rarely get it.

The “wait and see” approach has failed for 40 years.  Spread the word.