Protection from Lyme Disease from Ticks or Mosquito-borne Illnesses on your Homestead


Inn Serendipity Homestead on 5.5 Acres (of tick habitat)

Mosquitoes and tick-related diseases are on the rise. It’s gotten so bad in some parts of the country that some communities in urban areas have taken to widespread applications of insecticides to kill off the flying pests. While covering up and staying away from insect-prevalent areas may be the official advice from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for homesteaders and farmers, it’s completely impractical. The CDC also advises the application of insecticide poisons and destroying tick habitat, the exact opposite of how we manage our organic growing fields and pastures at Inn Serendipity Farm and B&B. While not our strategy, we’ve met many homesteaders who have embraced having tick predators, like guinea fowl and chickens, around, allowing them to roam free to eat ticks. (See link for article)



I like this article because it’s very, very practical. The author shares what has worked and not worked for him in repelling ticks.

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