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‘It’s Not the Exact Same Virus Everywhere in the World’

— Preprint manuscript suggests COVID-19 virus has already mutated into multiple strains

A preprint manuscript posted on medRxiv analyzed COVID-19 coronavirus samples from Sichuan province of China for sequence variation and evolution, to determine how rapidly the virus is mutating during its pandemic spread, and the unpredictable effects it is having on containment efforts.

In this exclusive video interview with Harlan Krumholz, MD, of Yale University School of Medicine, he discusses the paper and says “we need to realize this is a moving target.”



I don’t post this to garner fear but rather to show something viruses do naturally – mutate.  I post this to show that this makes testing rather challenging as well as the fact you may have already had this virus and will never know it.  Testing for COVID-19 is abysmal – on par with Lyme/MSIDS testing.  

The following article does a great job of explaining viral shedding as well as the fact many vaccines cause this shedding, thereby infecting others exposed to the individual who got vaccinated.  Nobody seems to be thinking about this with a COVID-19 vaccine, but we sure should:

In this article we see that the flu vaccine just last year was 9% effective against the current strain that popped up mid-season:  The question begging to be asked is what kind of vaccine effectiveness can be expected IF COVID-19 is mutating all over the place and is a “moving target?”

The numbers of COVID-19 cases are reporting via testing are inflated and based on false premises with arbitrary cut off points.
Research from China has shown the false positive rate to be over 50% and in some cases as high as 80%


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