Flu and Viral Recommendations

With the World Health Organization (WHO) recently declaring COVID 19 (Coronavirus) a worldwide pandemic. I wanted to share my thoughts regarding what to do as we move forward with increasing infections. What can we do about decreasing our risk and what to do if we do become ill?

The concerning triad of symptoms are fever, cough and shortness of breath. Other symptoms include fatigue, muscle pain, sore throat and occasionally diarrhea. If you have those symptoms, have recently traveled from an area of infection concern or been exposed to someone with the virus, contact your provider for possible testing. The tests are becoming more available at The Public Health level and also from individual laboratories including LabCorp and Quest.  Contact your provider who needs to order the COVID 19 test from a local laboratory facility at this time.  In the near future, you might be able to get the test done without a provider order. We will not be doing the testing at Fox Valley Wellness Center but referring to your closest laboratory for testing.

What can we do about decreasing our risk and what to do if we do become ill?

1.      Wash your hands! Often!  For at least 20 seconds.

2.      Keep your hands away from your face-use tissue when sneezing or coughing and throw away after use. Or sneeze into your elbow. Do not hug or shake hands.

3.      Eat 2 Brazil nuts a day or take 200 mcg of Selenium (Energique) per day. A recent study from Harvard has shown enveloped viruses (like corona and influenza) will not grow in blood with higher levels of Selenium.
Take the Brazil nuts away from your Viral Packs or from Zinc as the Phytic Acid can interfere with absorption of Zinc.

4.      At the first sign of infection, do the following
-Take vitamin D3-1000 units for every pound body weight for 7-10 days.
I.e. 100# person = 100,000 units Vitamin D3
150# person = 150,000 units Vitamin D3
-Effective way to jump start your immune system.
-OrthoMolecular D3 50,000 Paks, One pill = 50,000

5. Vitamin A-an effective antiviral and immune booster. 50,000 units per day is good. Can also do a 3 day bolus; talk with your provider. Can use either liquid (Apex, Klaire) or pills (Xymogen).

6. Vitamin C-usual does of 4-8 gms/day, dependent on bowel tolerance.
-C RLA liquid, Buffered Vit C pills or powders
– IV Vitamin C will eliminate bowel issues. Doses of 30gm IV common.
– Can utilize Modified Myers Cocktail, Anti-viral IV with Vitamin C and Hydrogen Peroxide-talk with your doctor for IV therapy.

7. Herbal therapies
– Elderberry, Olive Extract, green Tea, L-Theanine, Androgaphis, Astragalus, Echinacea, Bilberry, Goldenseal, Garlic, Grapeseed extract, milk thistle, Olive Defense (Green Tea, Olive extract, and Elderberry, Astralagus, Echinacea with Vitamin C and A along with Lysine) Orthomolecular Biocidin- BioBotanical research, Mucan-Pekana, Paramicrocidin-Allergy Research Group.

8. Zinc– 50-mg pills Xymogen or Energique 2 or 3 tablets several times a day.

9. Colloidal silver.
-ACS 200, Angentyn 23.

10. Thieves, Melaleuca, RC Essentials- Young Living Essential Oils

11. Immune support- LDN effective prescription therapy, WHoleMune, NK Stim, SBI, (Orthomolecular), Transfer Factor Multilmmune, TF PlasMyc, TF L Plus, TF Enviro (Researched Nutritional), IgG 26DF, Oncoplex, Immunotix (Beta glycan)-Xymogen

12. L-Lysine

13. Garlic

14. Probiotics- As you always hear me say-“The Gut, the Gut, the Gut”.

15. Melatonin– Potent antioxidant spray sub-lingual.

16. If you feel sick, best to stay away from other people and events. Contact your provider for possible testing. Try to stay out of the ER/Urgent Care as that system will be needed for critically ill. If you feel critically ill, certainly utilize EMS/911.

Additional treatments require seeing your provider:
Hyperbaric Oxyen Therapy (HBOT) – oxygen is lifesaving. Stimulates stem cells.
WHO- “Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention in patients with severes COVID-19” THymosin a 1-FDA approved hormone derived from Thymus gland, anti-viral used for decades for Hepatitis C. Effective against viruses. Boost NK, B, T and stem cells, can be given SQ at 0.5cc or IV at 1.0cc daily. Can be given with Modified Myers/Ozone, etc.
Ozone-Immediate therapy to treat active viral syndromes.
Research from Dr. Rowen and Dr. Robbins showed effective therapy against Ebola patients IV (MAH), Hyperbaric 10 pass, Ear, rectal or vaginal insufflation.
IV Vitamin C, Modified Myers Cocktail with additional Zinc, Selenium, and minerals. Anti-Viral IV or NAD/Prescription anti-virals: Tamiflu (oseltamivir) Xofluz (Baloxvir), Alinia

There is very good data showing Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquin) helps facilitate the passage of Zinc across the cell membrane neutralizing the Replicase enzyme of the COVID-19 virus.

4 Products that show effectiveness against the virus includes:
-Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine, Chlorpromazine (Thorazine), Loperamide (immodium) and Lopinavir (HIV medication)

Be safe.  Be aware.  Use common sense.  If you have question-e-mail us! We are all in this together and will learn more everyday as we face these challenges. God bless