The following story is about Joseph Elone, a 17 year old who died in 2013 from Lyme Myocarditis. Please read it as there are numerous important things to be learned:

  1. He initially complained of sore throat, fever, and cough – not your “standard” Lyme symptoms.
  2. The warning bell should have been set off; however, when the doctor was told he’d spent two weeks in New Jersey for environmental studies, in an outdoor learning laboratory. The family had also been camping but didn’t notice any tick bites. (Just because you don’t see a tick doesn’t mean you haven’t been bitten)  N.J. is one of the top seven states for Lyme. 
  3. Initially diagnosed with a viral infection, they did give him standard serology testing for Lyme which true to form came back negative. Due to negative testing and lack of an EM rash they didn’t treat him for Lyme. This right here is playing out in doctor office after doctor office all around the globe.
  4. The family has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, which may go to trial this year, as the family believes it all could have been prevented if the pediatricians had treated him promptly for Lyme disease.  Bingo!
  5. The CDC claims that Lyme myocarditis is rare and only occurs in approximately 1 out of 100 cases. The problem with this of course is only a fraction of cases are reported to the CDC and many, many cases of Lyme itself go undiagnosed as well as cases causing myocarditis, so for the CDC to state anything about numbers is pure conjecture.
  6. Many hope the case will go to trial as it would be a clear example of faulty testing.
  7. Although extremely sad, this is a perfect example that Lyme CAN KILL.

Story here:  Lyme disease suit: Poughkeepsie teen’s death after negative test focus of malpractice suit


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