Tipping Point: The Resistance Is Gaining In The Lyme Wars

For two decades, Lyme disease has had dueling identities.

A burgeoning epidemic wrought by ticks. A raging controversy over why patients stay sick — and what to do for them.

Now, however, the medical model that spawned the Lyme Wars – enshrined in treatment guidelines that say short-course antibiotics are curative — is yielding to a more nuanced picture.

This new image is of a disease that outwits antibiotics and immune systems; is plagued by diagnostic failures, and is capable of inflicting lasting damage. It is an image that challenges the picture of medical certainty that has long been Lyme…. (See link for article)



This article will catch you up to speed on the latest research being done.

Best quote:

“Obviously there’s recognition that things are sticking around – whether it’s DNA, proteins or organisms that don’t grow,” referring to the failure to culture residual bacteria. “There’s been some overall change in opinion. It had been dismissed out of hand. Now very good scientists (he named two, from Yale and Tufts) are studying this phenomenon. There’s something going on there.”   Alan Barbour

While Pfieffer and I disagree about climate change causing the proliferation of ticks and the diseases they carry, I respect the fact she has brought attention to the plight of Lyme/MSIDS patients.  But, facts are facts even if they are inconvenient:

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For an excellent interview with John Scott: (He also explains the bogus Lyme vaccine as well)  Ticks alive in 3 degrees under snow cover.  Ticks on blazing hot beaches.

Ticks will be the last species on the planet.  They can survive nearly everything.