In early June of 2018 elite middle-distance runner Robby Andrews was on fire. Was, unquestionably, at the top of his running game. The then-27-year-old had just run one of his fastest races ever: 3:36 in the 1500 meters at the Oslo Diamond League Meet in Norway, beating out 18-year-old phenom Jakob Ingebrigtsen. Which is why, for Andrews—winner of the 800-meter national outdoor title in high school, holder of a national indoor record in the 800 meters as well as the 1000 meters—what happened two weeks later was such a shock….(See link for article)



I would caution against using the word “cured.” First, we must define the word.  If you mean that a person can become symptom-free, then I agree; however, many patients experience relapses and there is science to demonstrate the persistent/chronic nature of both the pathogen as well as the disease.  

This is a great topic for more research, yet the spot-light fixates upon “climate change,” rather than upon obtaining answers to questions that demand answers.

For over 700-peer reviewed articles demonstrating the potential for persistent infection: Peer-Reviewed Evidence of Persistence of Lyme:MSIDS copy