Wisconsin Residents: Many of Wisconsin’s healing practitioners, such as herbalists, homeopaths, health coaches, nutrition consultants, traditional naturopaths and many others, are currently at risk of being criminally charged for the “practice of medicine without a license.”

With Wisconsin Bill A546, there is an opportunity to change that.

Bill A546 would eliminate the threat of criminal charges for practitioners who adhere to the Safe Harbor requirements and thereby allow them to provide the healing work they are called to do without fear of being shut down.

Please join the National Health Freedom Action and Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition in Madison TOMORROW, January 7th, at 9am to voice your support for this bill and protect your right to access and practice the health care modalities of your choice. RSVP TODAY to attend the hearing in support of A546.

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By attending, you show legislators that WI citizens want Bill A546 to become law. A full hearing room convinces legislators a bill is important to Wisconsin residents and gets them to pay attention.

Please show up even if you can’t stay for the entire hearing. When you arrive, you can “register in favor” of the bill by simply signing your name on a sheet of paper. This is an important form of public participation and could be necessary for this bill to pass.

When: Tomorrow, January 7th at 9:00 am

Where: WI State Capitol, North Gar Hall, Room 417

Can’t attend the hearing? Another critical way to make your voice heard is to email your legislators and committee members telling them why you personally support access to complementary and alternative healing modalities and asking them to support bill A546.

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Together, with your help, we can convince Wisconsin legislators to protect WI residents’ health freedom rights to access the healing modalities and practitioners they want. Thanks in advance for helping pass A546 into law.

To your health,

Dr. Mercola
My guess is this bill is in response to the latest FDA action:

Under the new guidance ALL homeopathic medicines will be considered illegal. This is because the Draft Guidance declares all homeopathic medicines to be “new drugs” which have not undergone the agency’s pre-market approval process known as a New Drug Application (NDA). This “new drug” designation makes this new guidance particularly damning for homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines cannot be patented and therefore cannot justify the enormous expenditures that an NDA entails. If the FDA insists that a homeopathic medicine be put through the NDA process, the agency will essentially be issuing a potential  ban on that medicine in the United States.

If the Draft Guidance is adopted unchanged ─ and especially if the designation of all homeopathic medicines as “new drugs” is allowed to stand ─ consumers will likely begin to see homeopathic medicines disappear from store shelves and practitioners’ offices as the FDA takes aim at one homeopathic medicine after another.

This will also show the back-story and how the FDA may make ALL alternative medicine illegal: https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2018/03/15/march-20-deadline-to-protect-homeopathy/


Regardless of your opinion of homeopathy, I find it interesting that the only things the FDA seems capable of regulating are competitors to Big Pharma. Compounding pharmacies have the strictest regulations on earth and now it appears they want to screw the bolts into homeopathy as well.  Small labs such as IGeneX that specialize in bacteriology and virology are continually under intense scrutiny for their creation of tests for tick borne illness that are much more sensitive than the current CDC’s recommended two-tiered testing which misses over half of all cases (not to mention the CDC has patents on these tests which is a severe conflict of interest: ConflictReport

Here’s the thing – first it will be homeopathy, next will be herbs, essential oils, silver, bee venom therapy, and after that only God knows.