High Level of Psychiatric Disorders Found in Individuals with Chronic Pain

December 16, 2019
Depression, anxiety, and other emotional distress are common in this population.

A PPM Brief

Psychiatric problems significantly affect somatic (body) disorders, which can make treatment difficult and affect prognosis negatively. In some studies, rates of psychiatric disorders in patients with chronic pain have been shown to be higher than the general population.1 One recent study2 evaluated comorbid psychiatric disorders in patients with chronic pain to examine the effects of sociodemographic details and the level of somatic sense perception on disease severity…..(See link for article)



Important quote:

“Although the mechanisms of the relationship between chronic pain and psychiatric disorders are not fully understood, effective management of both pain intensity and comorbid psychiatric conditions is necessary for the quality of life of patients,” they concluded.

This makes complete sense.  As a patient, I found depression coincided with how I felt physically.  They worked in tandem.  The worse I felt physically, the worse I felt mentally.  I highly doubt I’m alone.  Also, due to the fact mainstream medicine is still in a coma regarding all things tick-borne, family and friends often take the side of the CDC/IDSA that we are all making it up and are nuts.  Isolation, disbelief, and abuse does not help one’s mental outlook!

The medical profession is part of the problem.

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