Dr. Dashore on Lyme Disease

 Approx. 4 Min

Lyme Disease Treatment Expert, Dr. Dashore, Ph.D.

Dr. Dashore on Representative Chris Smith’s legislation called the Kay Hagan Tick Act Bill after former U.S. Senator Hagan who recently succumbed to Powassan Virus

For more:    https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2019/06/07/representatives-create-bipartisan-bill-tick-act/


Please note that Dr. Dashore treated her son with BOTH antibiotics and natural remedies as he was coinfected with numerous other infections and their mission was to “save his life.”  I would argue that treatment should always be to save lives.  Few people get Lyme alone but rather are infected with a hodgepodge of pathogens that are extremely difficult to treat. Patients need individualized and focused treatment for this beast.  https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2018/10/30/study-shows-lyme-msids-patients-infected-with-many-pathogens-and-explains-why-we-are-so-sick/