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Senate bill would create national strategy to combat rise of tick-borne illnesses

Maine has highest incidence of Lyme, tick-borne illnesses in country

A bill to create a national strategy to combat the rise in tick-borne illnesses passed out of a U.S. Senate committee Thursday and now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

The Kay Hagan Tick Act, sponsored by Maine U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, would provide $20 million annually for funding to states and health departments to improve public education and early detection and treatment.

Maine has the highest incidence of tick-borne illnesses in the country, Collins said in an interview with WMTW News 8.

In 2018, there were some 1,400 new Lyme disease cases in Maine. In 2010, the number was just 752.

“If tick-borne illnesses are caught early enough and treated early, often they have a very successful outcome,” Collins said. “But if they are not — which is often the case — they can produce lifelong health consequences.

The bill is named after former U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, who died this week from complications of the Powassan virus, which is spread by ticks.

Maine U.S. Sen. Angus King is a co-sponsor of the legislation.



Senator Hassan Applauds HELP Committee of Bipartisan Kay Hagan Tick Act

Senator Hassan speaks of how she has watched friends suffer with a horrible form of dementia and who have lost their lives due to Lyme disease.

It appears word is finally getting to the politicians – now the word needs to wrap up the side of the heads of those in the CDC/IDSA/NIH.

Until these fraudsters admit to the devastation caused by this complex illness mainstream medicine will continue to abuse and malign those seeking medical help who suffer with tick borne illness.

The CDC has undermined everything done over the years at the State level:

Word on the street is that doctor protection laws aren’t working as well as bills telling doctors they must tell patients that even though a Lyme test comes back negative, they could still be infected.

Unfortunately, nothing’s really changed yet.

Please make it your personal goal to not allow your representative to rest until they know how wrong Lyme/MSIDS has been handled through the years.  Tell them how you were treated and how they need to speak up and represent those too ill to represent themselves.

You can make phone calls and write letters from your bed.
Please know that things will not change until we push this monster up the hill.  Alone we are weak.  Together we are strong.