Wisconsin Tick-Borne Illness Center of Excellence Now Open


Northern Wisconsin has opened its first lyme and tick-borne illness treatment and research center.

Inspired by Jeff and Jillayne Waite and the tragic loss of their beautiful daughter Jen to tick-borne illness and brought to fruition by the tireless efforts and compassion of the Women’s Legacy Council and the Howard Young Foundation, Jen’s spirit will live on.

The Center of Excellence is under the direction of Dr. Andy Kogelnik of the Open Medicine Institute. Connie Campbell RN, BSN is the Clinic Program Director, Kathy McCaughn is the Office Manager and Katelyn Dallman is the Research Associate. The Advisory Board is comprised of Dr. Brian Fallon MD Columbia University, Dr. Neil Spector MD Duke University and Dr. Samuel Shor MD past President of ILADS.

Dr. Kogelnik is currently seeing patients on a limited basis so the Center is actively looking for practitioners interested in working at the clinic. There is currently a patient waiting list. The Howard Young Foundation is fund raising to support the clinic through it’s early stages so please support if so inclined. Please direct all inquiries to the Howard Young Foundation  https://www.howardyoungfoundation.org/tick-borne-illness/

Address: 240 Maple St.

Woodruff, WI. 54568

Located in the Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff, WI.



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