Congress Short letter

The letter in the link above was written by microbiologist Tom Grier, who is director of pathology studies for the Dr. Paul H. Duray Pathology Fellowship.

In it, he explains why Lyme disease is so confusing, what the medical experts got wrong, and the following untrue facts have been disseminated by the IDSA, CC, NIH, Yale, Harvard, SUNY, and Mayo Clinics for decades:

  • Only blacked-legged ticks transmit Lyme
  • Lyme is not congenital
  • Lyme is not intracellular
  • Lyme stays in the blood and doesn’t enter the brain
  • Elisa tests are 99% accurate
  • Lyme does not persist beyond 28 days of antibiotics
  • Lyme is mainly an arthritic disease
  • Lyme is mainly found in the NE USA
  • The Lymerix vaccine had no side effects and was pulled because of anti-vaxx hysteria
Grier also has more than 100 references and photos proving pathogen persistence after antibiotic treatment.

Here’s 700 references demonstrating pathogen persistence: Peer-Reviewed Evidence of Persistence of Lyme:MSIDS copy

Here is documentation proving the conflicts of interests:  ConflictReport

Grier’s letter takes on exactly what I was referring to when I wrote my comment about this article:  If we are truly going to “get serious” about this pandemic, then we need to be concerned about what type of research is being funded. Right now there is a Pied Piper pushing a climate change agenda with research. Current tick research has already proven it a mute point and has even revealed faulty, biased research pushing an ideology that doesn’t pan out: This type of research is diverting dollars from neglected areas that demand answers such as accurate testing and diagnostics as well as transmission studies and effective treatments.