Vaccine Informed Consent Press Conference

Published on Apr 30, 2019

A news conference that calls attention to Pennsylvania House Bill 286, also known as the Informed Consent Protection Act. It would bar doctors from denying care to children whose parents have chosen not to vaccinate them.
Dr. Moss, an expert on medical ethics speaks first.
  • Doctors are refusing to treat children who are not vaccinating their children exactly as they say.  Moss states this is a return to “Paternalism,” where doctors are forcing their opinions upon parents of children. They are coercing parents into vaccinating their children against their better judgment.
Attorney Mary Holland speaks next and is a faculty member of NYU School of Law. She’s written two books on vaccines. She also has a vaccine injured child.
  • Holland states that it is a form of discrimination when parents are ostracized for departing from the orthodoxy of vaccine schedules. History has shown that when the right of informed consent is denied, it leads to very dark places: concentration camps, & experimentation on disabled children, African Americans, & Jews. She also states that, “fear of contagion is not a basis for rational discrimination.”
Dr. James Lyons-Weiler is a biomedical research scientist and has written three books. He runs IPAK (Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge) is a not-for-profit organization which exists to perform scientific research in the public interest. It is registered with the State of Pennsylvania as a not-for-profit pure public charity.
  • Weiler points out that safety studies on vaccines remove those at risk for the very adverse reactions the study is looking for. He reminds us that there’s never been a single randomized prospective double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial to answer the question, “What if we vaccinated some people and not others?” He states it’s the most important question that could be asked. IPAK is conducting a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study.

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FYI:  Every single Lyme/MSIDS patient I know that got vaccinated suffered a relapse of symptoms.