Adirondack researcher raises the alarm on tick invasion

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Ticks are gaining ground in the Adirondacks like never seen before and experts are trying to get the word out.

Courtesy: Adirondack Watershed Institute

They want to make sure people living there including visitors and medical providers know how to spot and treat ticks.

Paul Smith’s College tick researcher Lee Ann Sporn helped organize a panel this week — “A Ticking Time Bomb: The Tick Crisis in the Adirondacks” — and is traveling around different parts of the North Country presenting her latest research.

“The lore, the common lore is still that there isn’t ticks and there are no risk of tick borne diseases here in the North Country. Physicians are still failing to treat people with tick bites because they say this is a no risk, or low risk tick borne disease area, which now is really untrue, so we’re really trying to get that word out,” Sporn said.

The best way to protect yourself from ticks includes covering your skin by wearing light and bright colors, use an insecticide like pyrethrin, and do a tick check from head-to-toe when you get home.



At this point, any doctor who fails to treat people with tick bites should be turned into the medical board.
Ticks are everywhere.

Please watch this video of how ticks were found in the cracks of sidewalks in CA:

Ticks have been found in caves, on rocks, underneath picnic benches, and have fallen from trees onto patios:

Ticks found on eyeball, butt, and penis: (Tick on eye)

Tick in ear had to be surgically removed:

It’s a good thing they don’t fly.  But, they do blow in the wind. Advocates have told me stories of ticks blowing into their swimming pools. My neighbor with a farm field mowed his lawn, blowing the grass toward my house. I found ticks crawling on my basement screens and a few found their way inside the house on the walls.

The tick maps should be thrown into the trash.

For far too long patients have been denied diagnosis and treatment based on a piece of paper telling them where ticks are supposed to be.

This is STILL happening as this is being written: