Dr. Susan Keane says ticks are alive all year round, not just in warmer months

THURMONT, Md. – A Thurmont veterinarian is warning pet-owners of what to look for to make sure your four-legged friend doesn’t become a victim of harmful ticks.

Dr. Susan Keane at the Catoctin Veterinary Clinic says ticks that can spread Lyme disease are alive all year round, not just during the warmer months.

She says your dogs, and even cats can catch the harmful bug while playing in the backyard or through a walk in the woods.

Dr. Keane advises that regular checks through their fur, especially the legs, can help with prevention, but here are some other symptoms to look for.

“Joint pain, fever, lethargy, meaning they’re laying around, not eating, anorexia. Any dog going outside, even in a suburban yard there’s some risk of a field mouse dropping a tick or the white-tail deer that we have in Maryland,” Dr. Keane explained.

In the last 100 tests done in January at the clinic, Dr. Keane says, eight percent tested positive for Lyme disease.

But she adds that treatment is available.


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