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Top 7 Overlooked Factors For Treating Lyme Disease

After two decades of published research and investigating numerous clinical cases on Lyme disease, Envita Medical Center brings powerful perspective. These seven commonly overlooked factors for treating Lyme disease may be the key to stopping unneeded suffering for Lyme disease patients and lead to restored heath for patients dealing with this painful and confusing affliction. Lyme disease is one of the most complex and advanced bacterial infections in the world. Borrelia burgdorferi, the scientific name for Lyme, is not only resistant to most antibiotics, traditional treatment, and often natural treatment, it also evades detection from the body’s immune system making it very difficult to treat clinically and even diagnose.

However, as difficult as it is to treating Lyme disease a whole new set of issues arise when this disease becomes “chronic” and develops into Chronic Lyme disease. The Borrelia infection releases endotoxins and neurotoxins into the body which destroy muscle and nerve fibers which cause painful inflammation and chronic pain. The toxins given off by the Borrelia also damage the neurological and endocrine systems resulting in a multitude psychiatric imbalances and mood changes. Most patients fail treatment because one or more key factors are not being addressed and will often lead to relapse after seeing short-term symptom reduction.

Listed below are the top seven critical yet often overlooked factors that need to be addressed to properly treat Lyme disease and help patients finally reach optimal health.

  1. Getting a Complete and Accurate Diagnosis
  2. Multi-Drug Resistance
  3. Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier with Treatment
  4. Stripping Biofilm
  5. Flushing Endotoxins and Biotoxins from the body
  6. Pain Medication Complications
  7. Reestablishing the Immune System

These 7 essentials are designed to point out some of the flaws of treatment and diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease but do not represent a comprehensive treatment plan. Much more goes into putting together a targeted and personalized treatment plan for patients than s mentioned here. Chronic Lyme disease is a complicated and resilient infection that requires highly skilled and experienced clinicians with a personalized approach specific to the patient.

Many Lyme disease treatments fail because numerous factors are overlooked, misdiagnosed, under-considered, or mistreated. Over a decade of working in this field, Envita Medical Clinic has discovered these seven critical treatment factors and many more that have saved and improved the lives of our patients.


For more:  In this link I highlight Dr. Burrascano’s enlightening video on Lyme treatment nuances based on decades of clinical experience.