Diagnostic Tests for Lyme Disease

FEB 19, 2019 — 

Wormser, Steere and Molins from the CDC are looking to promote antibody tests for Lyme disease while everyone knows these tests are virtually useless for 4-6 weeks after a tick bite and too restrictive thereafter. These two con artists need to retire.

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Date: February 18, 2019 at 11:11 AM
Subject: Diagnostic Tests for Lyme Disease

To: the Tick Borne Disease Working Group and ADM Brett P. Giroir, M.D., Assistant Secretary for Health,

Per the link below, Dr. Allen Steere filed a patent in 2013 for yet more antibody detection tests for Lyme disease: (Application #20150219646)

Compositions and Methods for the Detection of Bacterial Infections Associated with Lyme Disease

Faulty/misleading antibody tests are the root cause of unimaginable pain and suffering as we are all aware of Dr. Neil Spector’s need for a heart transplant after his antibody tests for Lyme were repeatedly negative. Lives are being ruined through false negative Lyme disease tests results.

Serology cannot be used to gauge treatment failure or success which is ideal for concealing chronic infection while perpetuating the dogma/racketeering scheme downplaying the severity of Lyme.

The following letter was forwarded to the Editors of multiple journals to warn of any future papers promoting antibody detection of Borrelia infection. It is time to fast track direct detection methods for all species of Borrelia in all stages of disease. Lyme has become a public health disaster under the direction of the US Centers for Disease Control.

Letter to the Editors:

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Date: February 18, 2019 at 7:49 AM
Subject: Diagnostic Tests for Lyme Disease

Clinical Infectious Diseases

Clinical Microbiology

To the Editors,

Before Wormser, Steere and Molins (from the CDC) publish any of their promotional papers in your Journal regarding tests for Borrelia infection I would like to point out the following paper recently acknowledging that current antibody tests are inadequate for the management of Lyme disease.

Direct Diagnostic Tests for Lyme Disease

Clinical Infectious Diseases, ciy614,

Published: 11 October 2018 (Coauthored by Dr. Paul Mead of the CDC)


“… serologic tests cannot distinguish active infection, past infection, or reinfection. Reliable direct-detection methods for active B. burgdorferi infection have been lacking in the past but are needed and appear achievable.”


Failure to include this reference in any manuscript involving serology for the detection of Borrelia would be misleading the reader and may tarnish the peer-review process at your journal.


Carl Tuttle

Hudson, NH USA

Keep in mind there is a long & sordid history of serology testing for Lyme:  Excerpt:

It would appear that there has been a deliberate avoidance of direct detection methods and it is believed that these efforts are to insure that the current thirty year dogma remain intact.

We have a dire need to develop rapid detection methods for a serious growing health threat which has the ability to disable its victim as described in the attached letter addressed to the previous Director of the CDC. (Please see attachment in link)

I would like to point out that employees of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control hold patents on metabolomics (Lyme tests).

CDC Employee Patent:

For nearly four decades now the only FDA approved test for Lyme disease is the indirect two-tiered antibody test. Direct detection methods to identify the causative agent responsible for the disease have been avoided, criticized and shelved.  Direct detection laboratory testing (DNA/PCR Sequencing) is used for many infections (Ebola (1), Zika (2), Bartonella (3) etc.) but not Lyme disease.

More on testing:  Excerpt:

After publishing the 2013 article ‘A simple method for the detection of live Borrelia spirochetes in human blood using classical microscopy techniques’, professor Laane was invited to give a lecture at the 2014 Norvect conference in Oslo. An English patient saved the pdf, so you can still read it, via the link provided.

I was present at that conference and still remember how nervous he was. The reason was that several medical professors complained to his university. He was threatened with losing his job, if he would speak at the conference.

In fact, he did not literally speak – as you can see in the movie below – but used performing arts to show the slides of the spirochetes. Professor Laane was fired anyway and his laboratory was closed down.