The CDC’s deliberate avoidance of direct detection methods for Lyme disease

Carl Tuttle
Hudson, NH
APR 3, 2018 — Please see the letter below addressed to the Tick Borne Disease Working Group regarding the CDC’s thirty year failure to support anything other than the two-tiered antibody test for Lyme disease.

Anyone wishing to contact the Lyme Disease Working Group can send an email to:

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From: Carl Tuttle
Date: April 3, 2018 at 8:55 AM

March 30, 2018

Serino and Hannon Secure $1 Million to Combat Spread in Final State Budget

ALBANY, NY – Senator Sue Serino and Senator Kemp Hannon today announced that the final state budget includes an unprecedented allocation of $1 million to combat Lyme and tick-borne diseases (TBDs) in the state.

To the Tick Borne Disease Working Group,

Please see the letter below addressed to Senator Sue Serino regarding avoidance of direct detection methods for the diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Perhaps Dr. Aucott could explain to the Working Group why the experimental test developed at NIST which has been “shown to detect the disease near the time of infection” has been put on the shelf.


Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

Letter to Senator Sue Serino:

——— Original Message ———-
From: Carl Tuttle
Cc: Serino , Kemp Hannon
Date: March 31, 2018 at 10:46 AM

Legislative Office Building, Room 812

Dear Senator Serino,

I would like to point out some serious concerns regarding the CDC’s handling of Lyme disease.

It would appear that there has been a deliberate avoidance of direct detection methods and it is believed that these efforts are to insure that the current thirty year dogma remain intact.

We have a dire need to develop rapid detection methods for a serious growing health threat which has the ability to disable its victim as described in the attached letter addressed to the previous Director of the CDC. (Please see attachment)

As you know, untreated strep throat leads to rheumatic fever which can cause irreversible heart damage but rapid culture tests available in the primary care setting has virtually eliminated rheumatic fever and the life-threatening complications associated with that disease.

Misdiagnosed and untreated Lyme disease creates the same life-altering/life-threatening consequences but this has been hidden from the worldwide medical community and general population.

Faulty/misleading antibody tests are the root cause of unimaginable pain and suffering.

I would like to point out that employees of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control hold patents on metabolomics.

CDC Employee Patent:

For nearly four decades now the only FDA approved test for Lyme disease is the indirect two-tiered antibody test. Direct detection methods to identify the causative agent responsible for the disease have been avoided, criticized and shelved.

1. Culture test from Advanced Laboratory Services:
Assessment of New Culture Method for Detection of Borrelia Species from Serum Assessment of Lyme Disease Patients
Barbara J. B. Johnson, Mark A. Pilgard and Theresa M. Russell

Barbara Johnson of the CDC claims contamination is the major issue with this new culture method. Why didn’t the CDC work with Advanced Laboratory Services to correct any issues and perfect this laboratory testing method?

2. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
New Experimental Test Detects Signs of Lyme Disease Near Time of Infection
February 11, 2016

Response from a recent communication with Illarion Turko, Research Chemist: “This project did not receive further development and is on-hold for now.”

3. 16S rRNA sequence analysis
As soon as Dr. Sin Lee published his findings of persistent infection from serum samples he received from the CDC, all communication stopped.

$57 million claim against the CDC on Lyme test:

Nested PCR and Sequencing for Lyme disease through Milford Molecular Diagnostics can detect early infection with as few as 25 bacteria per mL of blood.


In contrast, the CDC announced the Development of a Novel Genus-specific Real-time PCR Assay for Detection and Differentiation of Bartonella Species and Genotypes

DNA testing is being used for Bartonella and now Zika:

CDC Lauds New DNA Test for Zika in Blood

There is a double standard for Lyme disease in reference to DNA testing.

Was the CDC’s suppression of well-established 16S rRNA sequence analysis for diagnosis of Lyme disease done so to protect its own patented technology in order to promote the unproven BbHtra protease metabolomics tests patented by the CDC’s Russell and Johnson?

As you know, serology cannot be used to gauge treatment failure or success which makes this the ideal tool for concealing persistent infection.

Quote from a treating physician in the field:

“This is why all ‘direct detection’ methods must be quashed. Gotta’ maintain the false paradigm at all costs.”

Once again we see the CDC promoting antibody testing for Lyme even though it is well known that Lyme patients may not produce detectable antibodies for 4-6 weeks after a tick bite.

A multiplex serologic platform for diagnosis of tick-borne diseases
Published online: 16 February 2018 Rafal Tokarz, Nischay Mishra, Teresa Tagliafierro, Stephen Sameroff, Adrian Caciula, Lokendrasingh Chauhan, Jigar Patel, Eric Sullivan, Azad Gucwa, Brian Fallon, Marc Golightly, Claudia Molins, Martin Schriefer, Adriana Marques, Thomas Briese & W. Ian Lipkin

Serology is just not the correct diagnostic tool for an infection where we have to wait weeks for antibody production. We miss the narrow window of opportunity for successful short term treatment. What is that window exactly? I don’t think anyone knows.

The lack of early diagnostic tests for Lyme disease has caused untold pain and suffering worldwide as delayed diagnosis and treatment often leads to “chronic Lyme disease” or “Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome”.

Metabolomics in its infancy is a pipedream and with the CDC in control, studies will be manipulated with data massaged so that outcomes maintain the status quo buying the CDC another decade of serology use.

Lyme disease has been horribly mishandled and wrongly misclassified as a low-risk and non-urgent health issue.


Be advised that a racketeering lawsuit (RICO) has been filed in the United States by the law firm SHRADER & ASSOCIATES, LLP against the Infectious Disease Society of America, seven IDSA Panelists and eight insurance companies:

The court document can be found at the following link:

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

New Experimental Test Detects Signs of Lyme Disease Near Time of Infection
When it comes to early diagnosis of Lyme disease, the insidious tick-borne illness that afflicts about 300,000…




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