Approx. 48 Min.

Published on Dec 10, 2018

In Stand4Lyme Foundation’s video, scientists tackle the Lyme disease Epidemic. Experts address the serious consequences of Lyme and tick-borne diseases, an increasing source of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Stand4Lyme makes a clear business case for pharmaceutical support and federal research funding to develop reliable diagnostic tools and accessible effective medical treatment. The goal of this video is to help educate all stakeholders from a scientific perspective and garner increased government support and funding.
They discuss:
  1. Heart issues (including Dr. Neil Spector’s case)
  2. Eye issues
  3. Cognitive issues
  4. Borrelia is complex and lurks within the body
  5. Borrelia crosses the blood/brain barrier
  6. The pathogen connection & Alzheimer’s
  7. Neurological complications of Lyme
  8. Psychiatric complications of Lyme
  9. This year, WHO has recognized Lyme can be spread Congenitally
  10. Sexual transmission was broached as well & will be researched
  11. Admission that Lyme has been neglected by the Medical Community
  12. The need for a system approach to Lyme
  13. The admission that borrelia is slow growing & sustain themselves like TB, and the fact current medications only work on cells that are dividing.  Borrelia can lie dormant.
  14. In both mouse and primate studies, doxycycline does not eradicate borrelia in the later stages of infection.
  15. The admission “WE ARE IN THE DARK” on Lyme
  16. Discussion of some current hopeful research  (scroll to 34:39 & listen until 38:30)
  17. Lyme can cause suicide
  18. Families have to sell their house, car, etc. to get help from doctors who do not accept insurance
  19. Funding for Lyme/MSIDS research is coming from private sources not the NIH
  20. 2018 – LD is in ALL 50 states and in 80 countries worldwide by CDC numbers
Want to donate & support LD Research at Stanford University?
Stanford Lyme Working Group:
Dr. Laura Roberts
Dr. Mark Davis
Dr. William Robinson
Dr. Irving Weissman
Dr. Frank Longo
Dr. John Aucott
Dr. Brian Fallon
Dr. Nevena Zubcevik
Dr. Monica Embers
Dr. Neil Spector
Dr. Allen Steere
**May be a partial list of SWLG and Collaborators
One of the best videos I’ve personally seen.  Kudos to Taking a Stand 4 Lyme on such a groundbreaking video.  Definitely worth your time to view.