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The US press has been pushing a view of acute flaccid paralysis as a mysterious condition of unknown etiology (unknown cause). Checking the scientific literature, however, tells us that AFP is most often Guillain Barre Syndrome, a condition that appears on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program as a “Table Condition” – i.e., one that the US HHS has no defense against when parents file in the NVICP for compensation for GBS as a vaccine injury in their children.

Here are some quotes from the abstracts of a collection of studies on AFP:

“Within the last few years, an enterovirus D68 outbreak has been associated with cases of acute flaccid paralysis in children, and emerging Zika virus infection has been concurrent with cases of acute flaccid paralysis due to Guillain-Barré syndrome, although cases of myelitis have also been reported.”

“Cases (of AFP) exhibited heterogeneous paralysis patterns from 1- to 4-limb involvement, but all definite cases had longitudinal spinal gray matter lesions on magnetic resonance imaging (median, 20 spinal segments). Cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis was observed in 50 of 59 cases (85%), and 8 of 29 (28%) were positive for antiganglioside antibodies, as frequently observed in Guillain-Barré syndrome.”

“The syndrome of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) is a common medical emergency in children. In the era of poliomyelitis eradication, the common causes of AFP include Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), transverse myelitis and traumatic neuritis.”

“One-hundred thirty-nine children aged <15 years were reported to the Center for Diseases Control with AFP. In 138 (99%) stool samples no poliovirus was isolated. None of the patients was diagnosed as having acute poliomyelitis or polio-compatible paralysis. Guillain-Barré syndrome was the most frequent final diagnosis (79 cases) followed by Transverse Myelitis (7 cases) and Encephalitis (6 cases).”

“The major clinical diagnoses associated with AFP were Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS, 40%) and encephalomyelitis/myelitis (13%).”

Guillain-Barré syndrome represented more than half of the reported cases (of AFP) (N = 2611, 52.5%), followed by traumatic neuritis (N = 715, 14.4%), and other CNS infections (N = 292, 5.9%).”

“Guillain-Barré syndrome represented more than half of the reported cases (of AFP) (N = 2611, 52.5%), followed by traumatic neuritis (N = 715, 14.4%), and other CNS infections (N = 292, 5.9%).”

“Of these (cases of AFP), nineteen (45%) cases were classified as Guillain-Barré syndrome on both registries.”

“In 44.5% of cases (of AFP) the definite diagnosis was Guillain Barrè syndrome.”

Guillain-Barre syndrome dominated among non-polio AFP (39.3% of cases); more rare were traumatic neuritis (27.9% of cases), transient monoparalysis (12.1%), myelitis (7.6%).”

“A neurological cause was identified in 67.5% of cases (of AFP), of which the most common was Guillain-Barre syndromee (42%), followed by transverse myelitis (15%)”

“The major clinical diagnosis associated with AFP were Guillain-Barre syndrome (30.2%), central nervous system infection (16.2%), transverse myelitis (10.6%) non-polio enterovirus infection (6.2%), and hypokalaemic paralysis (5.2%).”

“Among (AFP cases), Guillain-Barré syndrome (118 cases, 41.5% of all non-polio AFP cases), traumatic neuritis (63 cases, 22.2%), transient monoparesis of limb (35 cases, 12.3%), myelitis (26 cases, 9.2%) were registered most frequently.

“To describe the epidemiology and causes of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) in Australian children, and the clinical features of the two most common causes of AFP, Guillain-Barré syndrome and transverse myelitis.”

“The most common causes of AFP were Guillain-Barré syndrome in 67 (47%) and transverse myelitis in 27 (19%)”

Guillain-Barré syndrome was the commonest single cause of AFP.”

“…acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) attributed to a peripheral demyelinating process (Guillain-Barré Syndrome [GBS]), or to an anterior myelitis.”

Additional Information:

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I’ve been sitting on this article until today when it seemed appropriate to repost due to this:

Various vaccines are definitely causing GBS. The connection between vaccination and paralysis has been known since the 40’s and 50’s and was written about in The Lancet by Stephen Mawdsley in an article titled, “Polio Provocation: Solving a Mystery With the Help of History.”

Mawdsley states:

“The application of epidemiological surveillance and statistical methods enabled researchers to trace the steady rise in polio incidence along with the expansion of immunization programs for diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. A report that emerged from Guy’s and Evelina Hospitals, London, in 1950, found that 17 cases of polio paralysis developed in the limb injected with pertussis or tetanus inoculations. Results published by Australian doctor Bertram McCloskey also showed a strong association between injections and polio paralysis. Meanwhile, in the USA, public health researchers in New York and Pennsylvania reached similar conclusions.Clinical evidence, derived from across three continents, had established a theory that required attention.”

So what happened to this theory that piercing the skin during injection drives the polio virus into deep tissue where it then enters the central nervous system where it ultimately leads to paralysis and even death?

Good question.

The theory was essentially proven in 1998 in an article titled, “Mechanism of Injury-Provoked Poliomyelitis,” in the Journal of Virology. Researchers state:

Skeletal muscle injury is known to predispose its sufferers to neurological complications of concurrent poliovirus infections. This phenomenon, labeled ‘provocation poliomyelitis,’ continues to cause numerous cases of childhood paralysis due to the administration of unnecessary injections to children in areas where poliovirus is endemic. Recently, it has been reported that intramuscular injections may also increase the likelihood of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis in recipients of live attenuated poliovirus vaccines. We have studied this important risk factor for paralytic polio in an animal system for poliomyelitis and have determined the pathogenic mechanism linking intramuscular injections and provocation poliomyelitis.  Skeletal muscle injury induces retrograde axonal transport of poliovirus and thereby facilitates viral invasion of the central nervous system and the progression of spinal cord damage. The pathogenic mechanism of provocation poliomyelitis may differ from that of polio acquired in the absence of predisposing factors.”

It’s such a big deal that even the CDC has created a AFM Task Force:  While the cause of AFM remains a mystery, Nancy Messonnier, MD, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases recently said that AFM “seems to be more of an autoimmune syndrome, as opposed to a direct result of a virus.” She has also compared AFM to what happens with the autoimmune neurological disorder known as Guillain-Barré Syndrome, in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system.7 8 

Why do I get the impression that the CDC will state that while the cause of AFM is a mystery, it’s DEFINITELY NOT VACCINES.

In early November the CDC blamed a virus:

BTW:  in 1995, Swiss Scientists found reverse transcriptase in the live measles & mumps vaccine as well as some influenza vaccines.  Excerpt:

RT activity is associated with the presence of retroviruses, a class of viruses that can permanently alter the genes of the cells they infect. AIDS is a retrovirus. Scientists at Merck & Co., the US manufacturer of MMR vaccine, are reportedly trying to find out where the RT came from. One possibility is that the RT activity in MMR vaccine signals the presence of an avian leucosis virus (AVL), a retrovirus that infects some birds and can cause a leukemia-like illness.

Another possibility is that the chickens used to make the vaccine carry RT coding genes derived from retroviruses that infected the species tens of thousands of years ago.

Mind you, this was going on in 1995.  The CDC’s response:  Continue vaccinating in spite of chicken viruses being in vaccines!

And now, to prevent absenteeism, kids are getting the Flu Shot in the Classroom for convenience:  “Healthy Schools, LLC,” was founded by former Jacksonville Jaguars pro-football player Tony Boselli and   is getting paid to handle the entire vaccination program.  Boselli recently sold the entity to CareDox, Inc. of New York, where he remains as a partner and President.  CareDox IS a for-profit company with investors.  The program hopes to give the jab to 600,000 kids in 8 states for free due to reimbursement contracts with Medicaid & other insurance providers.  The really scary aspect of this program is there are no physical exams or histories taken.  There is no mention of monitoring for adverse reactions and/or reporting to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).  It appears everything about the program is handled digitally and there also remains the question of informed consent. Barbara Loe Fisher explains in an informative video that we may not be able to find information about vaccine science, policy and law due to the cancellation of net neutrality in 2017.  She states that the public-private business partnership between government and corporations/institutions has, “cleared the way for factual information about health to be censored as ‘fake news’ and quietly removed from the internet if it does not conform with public health policy and government recommendations for use of pharmaceutical and food products.”  Also within this link is the story of a nurse who was fired for refusing the Flu shot.

This will affect much more than vaccine information.

It will affect the juggernaut of Lyme/MSIDS as well as any other politically incorrect disease.

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