Recently I signed a petition started by a mother of a young child suffering from Lyme disease.  Before I had time to post it, it was removed.  As you will see from the information below, this poor family has been through the ringer undergoing a CAS investigation, and their physician being reviewed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, necessitating a complete inward focus on extremely stressful matters.

I’m happy to report the petition is back up and running.  I hope you will consider helping this family by making your voice heard.

Please click on links for the entire story.  I’ve abbreviated the information below each link.

Right now, if you are a child suffering from Chronic/Late/Persistent Lyme beyond having an acute tick bite, you need a positive Canadian Lyme test to be diagnosed with Lyme within the hospital, and you will be referred to an Infectious Disease specialist within the hospital who will focus their decision to diagnose strictly on serological testing. Not receiving an official hospital diagnosis can lead to the refusal of care, misdiagnosis, and not receiving critical treatment, and can result in a life of suffering, paralysis, loss of mobility, devastating emotional consequences, the inability to speak, and death. Not to mention the current lack of Lyme and Co-infection training is causing an inconsistent standard of care within the hospital with damaging consequences.


Petition is Back Up!

Jennifer Wheeler
Perth, Canada
NOV 19, 2018 —
We had taken a huge step back in advocacy during a tumultuous time for our family. We had to undergo a CAS investigation, and our physician a review by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and we decided that a step-back during that terribly difficult time was needed for survival of our family, and our physician.

We thank everyone who has supported our family during the worst time of our lives, we encourage all to sign our petition to help change hospital policy on Lyme and bring awareness to the critical need to change the current policy to be more inclusive in diagnosing and treating individuals based on a clinical diagnosis, and not solely relying on flawed testing, because to solely rely on inadequate serological testing is a clear violation of child and human rights.

A glimpse at our son’s Lyme Journey:

Thank you ❤