Approx. 47 Min.

Dr. Frid: Diagnosing and Treating Infectious Induced AE in Patients with Persistent Lyme Symptoms

Dr. Elena Frid talk Diagnosing and Treating Infections Induced Autoimmune Encephalitis in Patient’s with Persistent Lyme Symptoms to physicians and patients at the Central Mass Lyme conference


More with Dr. Frid:

More on Lyme encephalitis:  There is often involvement with Lyme/MSIDS in both Autism and PANS.  Here we see a story of Patrik, who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease which then morphs into Autoimmune encephalopathy. It took 10 years and 20 doctors to obtain the Lyme disease diagnosis behind his autoimmune condition.

How many people are slipping through this crack?

This pivotal study shows the complex issue of coinfections and the Lyme persister organism in lowering patients’ immune system thereby opening the door to opportunistic infections which can cause encephalopathy:




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