WEDNESDAY, Oct 10    8:00 PM Eastern Time, 7:00 pm in Wisconsin

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Ozone therapy is taking the world by storm, but is 10x the average dose actually safe?  A new but controversial method used by a small number of doctors in Europe and now here in the USA has the ozone world doing battle.

Hear straight from Dr. Rowen why he believes that 10 Pass is not only safe, but also more effective.

Dr. Robert Rowen is an innovator who isn’t afraid to lead the charge on the medical frontier.  He has used ozone therapy for many years in his own clinic, is a recognized ozone therapy trainer and has travelled the world to educate doctors on the use of ozone therapy.

Tom Lowe, President, SOPMed, is a gifted inventor and entrepreneur who has developed a passion for alternative medicine.  He intends that the Society of Progressive Medical Education (SOPMed) be a platform for fighting human suffering and promoting human flourishing. 


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 Approx. 7 Min.

Husband and wife, both doctors, tell of their ozone experience.

Their daughter also tells of her experience.

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