CIC Tick-borne Illness Preliminary Survey Results

Initial data from the Climate Impact Census contains some striking numbers on the personal costs of Lyme disease to Americans.

Some preliminary findings from our tick-borne illness survey include:

  • More than half reported having spent at least $30,000, and one-third at least $75,000, on medical-related expenditures over the course of their illness. A little over 10% reported spending more than $200,000


  • In addition to these high out-of-pocket medical expenses, the most common hardships from tick-borne illnesses reported were debt (credit card, friends, family or others); liquidated assets (e.g. homes, retirement savings); terminated or interrupted careers; lost relationships; and reliance on public assistance (e.g. disability, unemployment)


  • 60% reported suffering at least two of these hardships; 40% at least three; and 15% at least four.


  • More than half reported becoming in debt as a result of their illness


  • 40% had sold off assets (e.g. homes), liquidated some or all of their retirement savings, or liquidated some or all of their children’s college funds.


  • 45% lost their careers, and over 60% experienced some form of career loss or interruption.


And the press is paying attention. A recent Op-ed in the science publication, Undark, recently used the Climate Impact Census to illustrate the depth of financial harm to individuals caused by Lyme disease, and called for more research funding. You can read the article here:

You can also hear the two directors of the Climate Cost Project interviewed about the project and the importance of getting more data on the personal costs of Lyme disease on WHMP radio here:

If you have any friends or family who have been affected by Lyme disease, please help spread the word by sending them the survey:



This survey has revealed what all of us out here in Lyme land know – Lyme/MSIDS costs us nearly everything we have.  If you have not taken the time to fill out the survey, please do.  The more data, the more accurate the picture.

According to independent tick researcher, John Scott, ticks and Lyme are NOT propelled by climate.

For more on this:

Scott and his wife Kit have been infected for decades and have everything to gain from getting to the bottom of this mess.  The article points out many other factors such as light (photo period) and migrating birds.

He also explains how the climate issue is not innocent.  John explains, “The climate change range expansion model is what the authorities have been using to rationalize how they have done nothing for more than thirty years. It’s a huge cover-up scheme that goes back to the 1980’s. The grandiose scheme was a nefarious plot to let doctors off the hook from having to deal with this debilitating disease. I caught onto it very quickly. Most people have been victims of it ever since.”

“This climate change ‘theory’ is all part of a well-planned scheme. Even the ticks are smarter than the people who’ve concocted this thing,” he says.

“Climate change has nothing to do with tick movement. Blacklegged ticks are ecoadaptive, and tolerate wide temperature fluctuations.




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