Tick Discovery Highlights How Few Answers We Have about These Pests in the U.S.

As Lyme and other tick-borne diseases worsen in the U.S., new efforts seek to fill in the gaps

By Melinda Wenner Moyer on June 26, 2018

Last August Tadhgh Rainey, division manager at the Hunterdon County Division of Public Health Services in Flemington, N.J., received an odd phone call. An assistant in a nearby building excitedly explained to him that a woman had walked into their office covered in tiny ticks—far more than they had ever seen on one person.

“She’s really scared—and now we’re kind of scared, and her pants are in our freezer,” the assistant said.

The woman, a local farmer, had been shearing her sheep …

For more of the story go here:  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/tick-discovery-highlights-how-few-answers-we-have-about-these-bugs-in-the-u-s/

For more on the Long-horned tick:  https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2018/03/01/asian-ticks-mysteriously-turn-up-in-new-jersey/

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