TBDWG May 15-16, 2018 – Written Public Comment

Carl Tuttle
Hudson, NH
JUN 2, 2018 — Please see the following letter sent to the Tick Borne Disease Working Group regarding comments from Paul Auwaerter, president of the IDSA.

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From: Carl Tuttle
Date: June 2, 2018 at 9:17 AM
Subject: TBDWG May 15-16, 2018 – Written Public Comment

TBDWG May 15-16, 2018 – Written Public Comment

To the Tick Borne Disease Working Group,

I would like to call attention to Paul Auwaerter’s comment which is the second one listed from the link above.

Auwaerter is the current president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

1. Mr. Auwaerter’s statement:

“We have great sympathy for patients—and their loved ones—who suffer from both short- and long-term effects of Lyme disease or other conditions.”


Auwaerter is the lead author of the deplorable Lancet “Antiscience and ethical concerns” opinion piece written by the IDSA guideline authors. This article bashes the horribly sick Lyme patient population desperately seeking to restore their health and the courageous clinicians attempting to help these people:

Antiscience and ethical concerns associated with advocacy of Lyme disease

Six of the seven authors of this Lancet article have been named in the Shrader & Associates racketeering lawsuit:

Through an elaborate racketeering scheme the disease has been downplayed because it became “too expensive to treat” as outlined in the SHRADER & ASSOCIATES, LLP court document.

You can read the court document here:

2. Mr. Auwaerter’s statement:

Pathogenesis, Transmission, and Treatment

“IDSA acknowledges that some patients who are successfully treated for Lyme disease continue to suffer from persistent symptoms after treatment.”


We have no laboratory test to gauge treatment failure or success so this statement is just plain garbage upheld for thirty years by those supporting Wormser’s racketeering scheme.

Auwaerter then states in the same paragraph…..

“Currently available serology inherently is not able to distinguish active versus past infections.”


Serology is the ideal lab test for concealing persistent infection so direct detection methods must be avoided at all costs to maintain the thirty-year-old dogma.

3. Mr. Auwaerter’s statement:

“Conversely, there is not a pressing need for additional federally supported research on antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease.”


I would like to call attention to the attached pilot study recently identifying chronic Lyme disease in twelve patients from Canada.

Persistent Borrelia Infection in Patients with Ongoing Symptoms of Lyme Disease

All of these patients were culture positive for infection (genital secretions, skin and blood) even after multiple years on antibiotics so there was no relief from current antimicrobials. Some of these patients had taken as many as eleven different types of antibiotics.

Persistent Lyme disease has been intentionally/deceitfully suppressed for decades as described in the attached letter to past CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald, MD:

The dishonest science and racketeering scheme here in the U.S. has denied chronic Lyme which stifled much needed research to find a curative approach. Now the rest of the world is suffering.

4. Mr. Auwaerter’s statement:

“Important strides have been made to support the development of new diagnostic testing procedures. The NIH and CDC initiated a Serum Reference repository in 2008 and, at the end of 2011, began making standardized Lyme disease cases with serum samples available to the scientific community on a broad basis for testing and comparison of new diagnostic tests.”


Dr. Sin Lee of Milford Molecular Diagnostics received those serum samples as described by Auwaerter and when Lee identified a case of chronic Lyme and published his findings all communication with the CDC came to an abrupt end.

Once again, for the record I will state: Serology is the ideal lab test for concealing persistent infection so direct detection methods must be avoided at all costs to maintain the thirty-year-old dogma.

It is no secret that the US Centers for Disease Control has aligned itself with the seven defendants identified in the racketeering lawsuit.
Dr. Lee has filed a $57.1 million dollar lawsuit in federal court against the CDC:

Case No. 18-686C

We are dealing with a life-altering/life-threatening infection with faulty/misleading antibody tests, inadequate treatment, no medical training and absolutely no disease control; a public health disaster. And to make things worse, our blood supply is most likely riddled with Lyme disease.

Lyme disease belongs in the same health threat category as AIDS.

A plague denied; essentially classifying this disease/plague as a low-risk and non-urgent health threat. Lyme disease is spreading across the globe through migratory birds with no continental boundaries while patient experience has been describing an illness destroying lives, ending careers, causing death and disability and leaving its victims in financial ruin.

Lyme must be escalated to HIGHEST ALERT and prioritized with a Manhattan Project to understand the pathogenesis of this disease to determine how it disables its victim.

Lyme Disease: Call for a “Manhattan Project” to Combat the Epidemic
Raphael B. Stricker, Lorraine Johnson
Published: January 02, 2014DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.100379

Question for Auwaerter:

What is the motivation behind the downplaying of a disease destroying countless lives nationwide?

My Personal Opinion:

Auwaerter and the authors of the Lancet “Antiscience” opinion piece are a disgrace to the medical/scientific profession.


Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

Cc: The Honorable Chris Smith, United States House of Representatives
TBDWG May 15-16, 2018 – Written Public Comment
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