New York Medical College and the 21st Century Plague

Carl Tuttle
Hudson, NH
MAY 14, 2018 — Please see the latest email thread below addressed to the president and chairs of New York Medical College who have refused to acknowledge the concerns identified in these letters. Please continue to read past the 19 references.


The primary focus of this petition has been to expose the deception and scientific misconduct while highlighting the fact that Lyme is life-threatening/life-altering ruining lives worldwide while public health officials follow what has been deceitfully established here in the United States.

All information provided is in the public domain available for use in future litigation

The evidence is overwhelming that Lyme disease is capable of death and disability as most data is easily accessed through Pubmed by an astute fifth grader.

If Lyme disease was classified as life-altering/life threatening as it truly is and elevated to Highest Alert in the same category as AIDS then we would get the funding needed to finance a Manhattan Project.

For nearly four decades Lyme is simply seen as a low-risk and non-urgent health issue.

What was the motivation for downplaying the severity of Lyme disease?

The rush to create a vaccine for Lyme led to the mishandling of the disease as laboratory testing was manipulated (Dearborn) to insure the vaccinated would test seronegative. All evidence points to those who were involved in the vaccine debacle. The vaccine by the way caused the same debilitating effects as the disease itself as identified in the class action lawsuit below. For the record, LYMErix was not withdrawn from the market due to slow sales.

Stephen A. Sheller, Esquire
Albert J. Brooks, Jr., Esquire


Important background on Lyme vaccine controversy

The Vaccine Connection: Lyme Gets a Business Model
By Pamela Weintraub:

Please read the following comment by Dr. Rosalie Greenberg in response to Dr. Bransfield’s recent article:

Aggressiveness, violence, homicidality, homicide, and Lyme disease

Letters to the president of New York Medical College:

———- Original Message ———-
From: Carl Tuttle
Date: May 6, 2018 at 11:01 AM
Subject: New York Medical College and the 21st Century Plague

May 6, 2018

New York Medical College
40 Sunshine Cottage Rd
Valhalla, NY 10595
Attn: Alan Kadish, M.D., President

Re: New York Medical College and the 21st Century Plague

Dr. Kadish,

It was once thought that the Black Plague (mid-1300s) was transmitted by the bite of a flea that acquired the pathogen from infected rats. This rat-flea theory may be in question but transmission regardless is believed to have been vector borne [1].

There is no question whatsoever that Lyme disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected tick.

Lyme disease is capable of producing sudden death with no warning signs; [2,3,4] heart damage requiring transplant, [5] paralysis with seizures, [6] lymphoma [7] and persistent infection after antibiotic treatment [8,9,10,11,12] along with congenital transmission [13] and ability to create wheelchair bound patients [14] yet there are no Public Service Announcements informing the public that you could become horribly disabled or die from Lyme disease.

I ask you Dr. Kadish, “Why do you think there are no Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) describing the severity of Lyme disease?”

Please be advised that a racketeering lawsuit (RICO) has been filed in the United States by the law firm SHRADER & ASSOCIATES, LLP naming Dr. Gary Wormser of New York Medical College and six other academics.

The court document can be found at the following link:

Click to access LymeDisease.pdf

A worldwide community of physicians has been influenced by the ongoing disinformation campaign aimed at promoting the idea that Lyme is little more than a nuisance disease (Aches and pains of daily living) as health agencies across the globe are blindly following what has been deceitfully established here in the U.S. (New York Medical College)

We are dealing with a life-altering/life-threatening infection with faulty/misleading antibody tests, inadequate treatment, no medical training and absolutely no disease control.

A plague denied; essentially classifying this disease as a low-risk and non-urgent health risk.

Lyme disease is spreading across the globe through migratory birds with no continental boundaries destroying lives, ending careers, causing death and disability while leaving victims in financial ruin.

Through an elaborate racketeering scheme the disease has been downplayed because it became “too expensive to treat” as outlined in the SHRADER & ASSOCIATES, LLP court document.

Wormser of NYMC has been identified as a kingpin for disseminating the disinformation globally.

Here is just one example of the negative influence Dr. Wormser has had on the global scientific/medical community while promoting his bias against persistent infection:


In 2001 Prof. Gerold Stanek, MD (Medical University of Vienna) clearly reported persistent Borrelia infection in a 64 year-old patient despite treatment with four courses of ceftriaxone. [15]

When publishing a paper in 2012 [16] with co-author Dr. Gary Wormser of New York Medical College, Stanek claimed:

“Most manifestations of Lyme borreliosis will resolve spontaneously without treatment.”

In 2014 Stanek published the following paper promoting antibiotic treatment in a patient requiring a pacemaker after Lyme caused complete heart block. And this is a nuisance disease?

Lyme Borreliosis (Book Chapter)
Stupica, D.a, Stanek, G.b, Strle, F.a
a Department of Infectious Diseases, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
b Institute for Hygiene and Applied Immunology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria


A 49-year-old male, living in a Lyme borreliosis (LB) endemic region, noticed an erythematous skin rash about 10 days after a bite that in the next 2 weeks evolved to a ring-like skin lesion with diameters of 18×9. Cm, i.e., presenting as typical erythema migrans (EM). The lesion disappeared spontaneously in 5 weeks; however, in the following 2 months the patient developed radicular pains, complete heart block that required insertion of transient heart pacemaker, and knee arthritis. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis revealed lymphocytic pleocytosis. High levels of serum and CSF borrelial IgG antibodies and intrathecal production of the specific antibodies were ascertained, and treatment with ceftriaxone 2. G OD intravenously for 14 days was initiated. The patient regained his physical capacity, radicular chest pain and knee swelling declined, and heart conduction abnormalities resolved. The pacemaker was removed during antibiotic treatment, and the patient’s further course was uneventful. The patient had all major manifestations of LB, which could have been prevented if EM had been recognized and properly treated. However, instead of antibiotic treatment, the physician who saw the patient at the time of EM ordered tests for the presence of borrelial antibodies, and misinterpreted negative serology as an indication against antibiotic treatment.LB is the most frequent tick-transmitted illness on the Northern Hemisphere. It is caused by certain species of Lyme borreliae. In the present report, epidemiology, etiology, mode of transmission, pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this emerging disease with increasing incidence are discussed. © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

A recent pilot study of twelve patients from Canada were culture positive for Borrelia infection (genital secretions, skin and blood) even after multiple years on antibiotics so there was no relief from current antimicrobials. Some of these patients had taken as many as eleven different types of antibiotics.

Persistent Borrelia Infection in Patients with Ongoing Symptoms of Lyme Disease (2018)

We have lost nearly four decades to Wormser’s racketeering scheme where the focus was to discredit the sick and disabled (while suppressing evidence of chronic disease) as opposed to finding a new approach for treating persistent infection from a pathogen known to cause immune suppression.

“Spirochetes disseminate to the lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen and brain within a week of infection [17] . Lymph node germinal centers, where B cells are supposed to mature and be assigned an immune system function, are rendered incompetent” [18]

Now the rest of the world is suffering.

Might I remind you Dr. Kadish, as president of New York Medical College, you are 100% responsible for Wormser’s scientific misconduct which continues to this day.

As spokesperson for the 55,000 individuals calling for a congressional investigation into the mishandling of Lyme disease [19] , I ask that you stop Dr. Wormser from publishing his junk science and remove him from his position of influence over the student population of New York Medical College.


Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

Cc: Nicholas S. Janiga, Esq., Chief Counsel NYMC

New York Medical College Guiding Values:

Aptitude for Patient Care – The best reasons for providing patient care shouldn’t be a big paycheck. A strong desire to help people and the ability to provide exceptional care comprise the key traits every medical and health service professional should possess. Some of these things can be taught, but we find that NYMC students self-select our school because they truly wish to make a difference in people’s lives.

References: (Please read them)

1. Maybe Rats Aren’t to Blame for the Black Death

2. Cardiac Tropism of Borrelia burgdorferi: An Autopsy Study of Sudden Cardiac Death Associated with Lyme Carditis. (March 2016)


“Fatal Lyme carditis caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi rarely is identified. Here, we describe the pathologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular findings of five case patients.”

3 CDC Case Study #1: Three Sudden Cardiac Deaths Associated with Lyme Carditis:

4. CDC Case Study #2: A case report of a 17-year old male with fatal Lyme carditis

5. Professor Neil Spector: Duke physician uses near-death experience to encourage patient self-advocacy  Dr Neil Spector from Duke University required a heart transplant after his Lyme disease went undiagnosed for four years.

6. Nashua Mom in the ‘Lyme Light’ on Katie Couric Show  Fifth-grade teacher Kelly Downing was paralyzed from the neck down and interviewed by Katie Couric.

7. Infection by Borrelia burgdorferi and cutaneous B-cell lymphoma (Cancer)  Specific DNA sequences of Borrelia burgdorferi were identified in cutaneous lesions from 9 patients (follicle center lymphoma: 3/20; immunocytoma: 3/4; marginal zone B-cell lymphoma: 2/20; diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: 1/6).

8. Application of Nanotrap technology for high sensitivity measurement of urinary outer surface protein A carboxyl-terminus domain in early stage Lyme borreliosis.  41 of 100 patients under surveillance for persistent LB in an endemic area were positive for urinary OspA protein after antibiotic treatment.

9. Culture evidence of Lyme disease in antibiotic treated patients living in the Southeast.  Rudenko and colleagues reported culture confirmation of chronic Lyme disease in 24 patients in North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. All had undergone previous antibiotic treatment.

10. DNA sequencing diagnosis of off-season spirochetemia with low bacterial density in Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia miyamotoi infections.  Faulty/misleading antibody tests landed a sixteen year old male in a psychiatric ward when his lab results did not meet the CDC’s strict criteria for positive results. His Western blot had only four of the required five IgG bands. Subsequent DNA sequencing identified a spirochetemia in this patient’s blood so his psychiatric issues were a result of neurologic Lyme disease misdiagnosed by antiquated/misleading serology. This patient was previously treated with antibiotics.

11. Granulomatous hepatitis associated with chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection: a case report  The patient had active, systemic Borrelia burgdorferi infection and consequent Lyme hepatitis, despite antibiotic therapy.

12. Scotty Shelton and Persistent Infection in Saginaw MN  “Scotty’s brain (cerebral cortex) was positive for Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia myamotoi, his testicle is positive for Bb. We are now testing other tissues. Seven years of antibiotics and 3.5 years of natural treatments (along with antibiotics) and he was highly highly positive.”

13. Congenital Transmission of Lyme/TBD

14. Wheelchair-Bound Girl Calls Blessing By Pope Francis ‘Most Precious Moment Of My Life’
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 12-year-old girl who has been confined to a wheelchair since being diagnosed with Lyme disease said meeting Pope Francis as he arrived in New York Thursday was “the most precious moment of my life.”

15. Isolation and polymerase chain reaction typing of Borrelia afzelii from a skin lesion in a seronegative patient with generalized ulcerating bullous lichen sclerosus et atrophicus. (2001) Breier F1, Khanakah G, Stanek G, Kunz G, Aberer E, Schmidt B, Tappeiner G.

16. Lyme borreliosis. (2012)
Stanek G1, Wormser GP, Gray J, Strle F.

Gerold Stanek published in the British Journal of Dermatology in 2001 reporting that:  “Borrelia [the Lyme disease bacteria] may possibly be able to remain dormant in certain tissue compartments”

17. Lymphoadenopathy during Lyme Borreliosis Is Caused by Spirochete Migration-Induced Specific B Cell Activation (2011)
Stefan S. Tunev, Christine J. Hastey, Emir Hodzic, Sunlian Feng, Stephen W. Barthold, Nicole Baumgarth

18. Suppression of Long-Lived Humoral Immunity Following Borrelia burgdorferi Infection (2015)
Rebecca A. Elsner, Christine J. Hastey, Kimberly J. Olsen, Nicole Baumgarth

19. Calling for a Congressional investigation of the CDC, IDSA and ALDF

Letter to the Academic Chairs of New York Medical College:

——— Original Message ———-
From: Carl Tuttle
Date: May 8, 2018 at 7:52 AM
Subject: Fwd: New York Medical College and the 21st Century Plague

To the Academic Chairs of New York Medical College;
Please see the letter below and supporting references addressed to Alan Kadish MD, President of NYMC.

Dr. Gary Wormser of New York Medical College has played a pivotal role in the mishandling of a disease destroying lives all across America as he continues to spread the disinformation which has misguided an entire medical community.

“Last September, France became the first country to release a national plan to address tick-borne diseases like Lyme. It ranges from ramped-up surveillance of ticks and infections to better treatment protocols and diagnostic tests.”

Marisol Touraine Launches National Plan to Combat Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Diseases


Marisol Touraine said: “This plan aims to avoid the feeling of abandonment and the therapeutic wandering faced by Lyme patients. It helps to better understand the disease, to treat patients more effectively and to mobilize all available tools to prevent the disease. ”


It is time for New York Medical College to recognize that Wormser is toxic to the advancement of the knowledge and treatment of Lyme disease which has been misclassified and downplayed as a low-risk and non-urgent health issue.

Might I remind everyone reading this email; you or a loved one is a single tick bite away from experiencing this travesty.

Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

2nd letter to the president of New York Medical College:

——— Original Message ———-
From: Carl Tuttle
Date: May 9, 2018 at 8:21 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: New York Medical College and the 21st Century Plague

Dr. Kadish,

Please see the attached list of “Deaths From Lyme Disease” compiled from scientific literature by John D. Scott, Research Scientist dated 17 April 2018.

Lyme disease patients have fatal outcomes and deaths are documented in alphabetic order.

If you search through this document you won’t find anything published by Dr. Gary Wormser of New York Medical College. In fact, none of his publications refer to these outcomes as Wormser has had a career long history of downplaying the severity of Lyme disease as identified in the racketeering lawsuit.

You have to ask the question Dr. Kadish:

“What is Wormser’s motivation for downplaying the severity of Lyme disease?”

Furthermore, congenital transmission of Lyme disease has been documented as well but you won’t find any references to this mode of transmission in Wormser’s publications. (See attached list of references)

There is a refusal to recognize that untreated/undertreated Lyme evolves into an entirely different disease similar to untreated strep throat which, as you know progresses to rheumatic fever causing irreversible heart damage.

What happens to the Lyme patient who went months, years or decades before obtaining a diagnosis? Patient experience is describing a disease that is destroying lives, ending careers, causing death and disability while leaving victims in financial ruin.

It is this stage of disease that Wormser refuses to recognize as he has spent a career discrediting the sick and disabled as we have seen in the Lancet article where he is a coauthor; Antiscience and ethical concerns associated with advocacy of Lyme disease. Six of the seven defendants named in the racketeering lawsuit are coauthors of this disgraceful article.

Once again I want to remind you Dr. Kadish that as president of NYMC you are 100% responsible for Wormser’s scientific misconduct.

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

Cc: Nicholas S. Janiga, Esq., Chief Counsel NYMC
Academic Chairs of New York Medical College








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