An issue that was brought before 74th District State Representative Dan Swanson by constituents was treatment for Lyme Disease.

Swanson passed the “Lauryn Russell Lyme Disease Prevention & Protection Law” through the Illinois House on Friday to allow physicians to prescribe more aggressive treatment for Lyme Disease without the fear of disciplinary action.

“It requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to create a Lyme Disease Task Force and also amend the Medical Practice Act that requires the treatment of Lyme Disease in certain individuals,” Swanson said.

The legislation was inspired by Lauryn Russell, a 12-year-old student from Mercer County, who has Lyme Disease and has had to seek treatment out of state due to potential disciplinary action that could be taken against her Illinois physician for treating Lauryn’s post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS) or Chronic Lyme Disease.

“After local families reported these problems to me with treatment of Lyme Disease, I felt compelled to act on behalf of my constituents,” Swanson said.

Advocates for Lyme Disease sufferers say the current recommended treatment of the disease, 10 to 21 days of antibiotics, is insufficient for people with advanced or chronic levels of the disease. Nine states have enacted similar legislation including: Iowa, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Virginia.



Way to go Illinois!  We need this at the federal level as this modern-day plague is in every state and spreading world wide.  Doctors should not have to quake in their boots for diagnosing and treating this devastating disease (s) with effective treatments.

Also, please note that the CDC is undermining work done at the state level with their Lyme Corps (or more accurately – corpse as this is killing us out here):  To be clear, the CDC is using Lyme Corps to tell health practitioners the only valid treatment for Lyme, chronic Lyme and complications from coinfections are found in the 2006 IDSA Lyme Guidelines. However, key science institutions and federal agencies would not support this objective.