Approx. 6.5 Min

Published on Mar 6, 2018

An introduction to Lyme Disease, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention, and challenges from the perspective of an 11 year old who started his own advocacy group. The information has been vetted for accuracy by biologists and doctors working in Lyme research and treatment.
Removal of Tick using tweezers:… (University of Manitoba)
Please check out these Lyme Organizations and Friends:

LivLyme Foundation: LymeHope: International Lyme and Associated Disease Society: G. Magnotta Foundation Lyme Out Loud Kids:…



I am so impressed.  Kudos to Daniel Stimers for speaking out for patients too weak to do so themselves!

Don’t you find it a bit sad when a kid knows more than most doctors regarding the most common vector borne disease in the U.S.?