Death by Medicine – A Film

 Approx. 1 hour 36 min.

Death by Medicine

a film by Gary Null PhD ✪ Documentary Films HD 2017

Quote by Consumer Advocate Attorney James S. Turner, Esq.,

“Our culture is replete with chronic disease.  Every chronic disease is a massive profit producer for the people who produce drugs.  Every single one of them.  These things exist not so much because they were allowed to exist as because they were created.  So that if you can call it ADD, you can call it obesity, whatever it is, when you have people who go from the age of 15 to the age of 65 in a chronic depressed health situation.  Massive amounts of profit are made off of each one of those individuals.

Quote by Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Ralph Abraham, PhD. regarding a sociological theory of paradigm shift…..

“All the doctors in the United States they are a community, and they have a kind of mythology which is supported by by everybody believing the same thing.  You go to medical school you’re indoctrinated with this kind of religious dogma.  So if the pharmaceutical industry profits by selling medicine but the industry profits by selling more and more of them then the industry pays doctors to prescribe them and so on, we see a mafia-like monster has afflicted this community so the Hippocratic oath, the ordinary altruism of people in a community is subverted by this capitalistic pressure.”