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Morelia Meyer, certified massage therapist since 2011 will be presenting various body work techniques.

Trained at the East-West Healing Arts Institute, Meyer has much experience helping patients.

Being a patient infected with Lyme/MSIDS herself, she quickly learned her body responded poorly to standard antibiotic treatment.  Out of necessity she began using alternative treatments such as cupping, massage, acupressure points, and Raindrop technique.

Her demonstration will include:

  • Cupping therapy – a practice believed to help remove toxins which in turn improves the immune system
  • Massage therapy – an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety and headaches, shows much promise for Lyme/MSIDS patients as they suffer from similar symptomology
  • Acupressure – often called acupuncture without needles, is theorized to release endorphins as well as influence the autonomic nervous system, a system affected by tick borne illness (TBI’s).
  • Raindrop Technique – a form of aromatherapy applied to the spine, feet, and shoulders in a specific manner to achieve balance within the body.  It is especially noted for relieving discomfort associated with TBI’s. (This technique will not be demonstrated physically but will be discussed)

Being a Lyme/MSIDS patient herself, Meyer understands the pain, isolation, and neurological issues that can plague patients.  Her worst symptoms are neurological which causes her to have a constant “drunk” feeling and loss of balance.  Using the body-work techniques on herself she has achieved wellness and is thankful she can help others on their health journey.

Hope to see you there!