Senator Sue Serino’s Lyme and Tick Borne Disease Forum 2017

NYC Senator, Sue Serino of the 41st District, is the Chair of the Senate’s Task Force on Lyme and TBIs.  Task Force members and state leaders in New York are holding awareness events across the state.  One event was a public forum, in the video above, busting prevalent myths surrounding all things TBI related.

Microbiologist Holly Ahern speaks first and educates the public on common Lyme and TBI myths.  Then Dr. Matt Frye, Integrative Pest Management IPM specialist, speaks on myths about ticks.  Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease website with more info.

**This is a fantastic talk full of great and accurate information.

My only possible disagreement is that Frye states ticks can not fall & bite from trees.  I’ve heard many patients swear (including the recent video I posted of TV anchor Mike Schneider) they were bit as they sat under a tree on a patio.

Besides loving Japanese Barberries (shrub),  ticks at least here in Wisconsin love certain pine trees and I personally know of a family that would hang their laundry on a line outside where the clothes would gather ticks quite possibly from the pine trees that hung over top the line.  They would find the ticks when they dumped the laundry onto the bed.  Both the husband and wife become infected this way.  This link reveals that ticks can show up in unexpected places like on top of rocks, under picnic tables, and on picnic benches.

As to trees and using logic, if birds and small rodents travel up and down trees 24/7, it only makes sense some are going to drop off and find a blood meal.


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